PunishSystem 1.4.0

The most efficient player enforcer out there

  1. Fix Download Link

    Moved to new host
  2. Feature update

    Version 1.4.0
    + IPBan Menu option
    + /ipban | /banip
    + /pardon
  3. Switched download to new website

  4. Dependancy removal + Reduced Command usage

    This plugin no longer requires the plugin "Essentials"
    Implemented full offline punish capability.
    Reduced the number of arguments do to the change above as the source is referenced as "@Console" if the command is executed by console.
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  5. 3.0 - Console Support!

    - Bug Fixes
    - Added more commands
    - Added console support for new commands
    - Made messages configurable
  6. Heightened Security + Bug fix

    I have now encrypted all records stored in the player's history files.
    I also fixed a bug that would create history files for players that do not exisit.