Purchase Commands 0.3.6

Purchase Commands Via Ingame GUI, and make they cost money per use!

  1. ITr1ckst3rI
    /reload WILL BREAK THE PLUGIN. Please STOP and Start the server to reload (Don't worry, I will add a /reload command for the plugin eventually)

    Known Supported Permission System
    (Online OR Offline Mode) PemissionsEX
    (Server Must Be In ONLINE Mode) BPermissions

    Known UnSupported Permission Systems\Conflicting Plugins

    What This Is
    This lightweight command shop plugin allows your users to purchase up to 54 commands. Players will use the command /cs (or /cstore or /commandstore) to open a GUI shop. Within the shop there are two colored glasses.
    Green: The user has this command already
    Red: The user does not have this command
    Clicking on the glass will remove the cost from the player's wallet, and grant the permission node to the user unlocking the command. As you can guess, this plugin REQUIRES vault, AND a permission plugin to function.

    Happy shopping!

    Watch The Video! Or
    Download the jar into your plugin folder. Start the server to generate the commands.yml. Stop the server, then modify the commands.yml to your hearts content.
    Special Note:
    Perm - used for single commands
    Perms - used for command PACKS

    YML Info
    While making an item cost money per use (recurring) be sure to add the command and its aliases to the RecurringCommands.YML

    cs.use - allows users to get to the command shop. This is enabled by default, all users have access.