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live analytics, monetization system, social tools and various other utilities for your community

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

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    1. Visit https://purecore.io/dashboard/
    2. Create a new network or click on an existing network
    3. Create your instance(s)
    4. Download the plugin and drop it under your ./plugins/ folder on every server (both your proxy and your subservers)
    5. Execute /purecore setup <key>, where <key> is the key you can copy by clicking on your desired instance from your instance list

    Use Cases
    • Server monitoring, including server health and uptime
    • Growth analytics, including online players and login history and other computed data (such as online peaks or player activity graph, including new vs old players and others)
    • Server monetization with online free hosting for your webstore with advanced design options based on the Vue framework and Vuetify design framework
    • Income analytics, projects and potential customer detection based on past customers and data from the play sessions
    • Complete remote access from the dashbaord including secure remote command executions
    • Punishment recording and appeal managment
    • Login system for your website featuring global Minecraft profiles thanks to the play sessions generated on your server
    Development Progress [​IMG]
    • Analytics
      • Online Peaks ✔️
      • Activity Categorization ⭕
      • Login History ⭕
    • Monitoring
      • Uptime ⭕
      • Health ❌
    • Monetization
      • Payments ✔️
      • Webstore Builder ❌
      • Webstore Display (from API) ✔️
      • Webstore Display (from webstore) ❌
      • Component Market ❌
      • VAT reports ✔️
    • Ecommerce Analytics
      • Potential Customer Detection ⭕
      • Income Analytics ✔️
    • Punishments
      • Punishment Recording ❌
      • Appeal Manager ❌
    • Login System
      • Automatic Session Detection ✔️
      • Session Verification ✔️
      • Sever-com Authentication (useful for offline-mode servers with AuthMe or similar) ❌
    • Hosting
      • Supervisor ❌
      • Billing ❌
    • Community Engagement
      • News (Discord, Push Notifications and Newsletter)❌


    • IP Addresses
      • Treatment: the IP addresses sent from your server are immediately hashed upon processing. This means there are no IP addresses stored on our database. The hashing progress also includes multiple salting techniques to make it impossible to read the original IP address
      • Use case: connection geolocation for region-based analytics as well as automatic sessions detection for your website, as well as alt detection and leaked account detection (potential hacker detection)
      • Why you shouldn't be worried: even if a leak were to happen, your player IPs would be impossible to retrieve. There are multiple plugins already sending and storing this data, such as punishment systems for IP-Based punishments that do not hash nor encrypt IP addresses.
      • Treatment downside: IP-Based punishments are impossible to create using purecore
    • Billing information
      • Treatment: all billing information is stored using Stripe.
      • Use case: payment process and legal reports, as well as VAT billing.
      • Why you shouldn't be worried: billing information is only generated upon payment requests. Stripe is already handling this data for other services such as Spotify or Discord, so your data is better handled by them, that's why we never store this data.
      • Treatment downside: slow address querying when looking up payment details.
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