PureTickets - Ticket System with Discord Integration! 5.1.2

Easily manage player support / questions

  1. 5.1.2 Release

    Fixes an issue with the note interaction feature
  2. Fix for Spigot

    Fixes startup for Spigot.

    Paper and forks don't need to update.
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  3. Case insensitive completions + various fixes

    Command arguments are no longer case sensitive
    Fix issue with MariaDB UUID saving
    Fix issue where the plugin would error when configurations are stored in a symlinked directory

    Minor optimisations

  4. Fixes an issue where the incorrect amount of remaining tickets would show in announcement

    Title and a build changes
  5. Fix placeholder in notify and announce messages

    Previously said <players name> has claimed ticket <id> rather than <staff name>
  6. Small fixes from 5.0.0

    Java 11 is now a requirement.
    Dependency versions increased.
    Claiming an already claimed ticket is now blocked.
    Add claimer field to show command
  7. Rewrite, 5.0

    Complete rewrite, old data is NOT supported!

    H2 has now replaced SQLite.

    All commands can be used with id only instead of player and id, the player and id still retain for those who like the tab completion but you can now do; /tickets claim 5 for example.

    If there are any problems let me know ^^
  8. Bug fixes and usability enhancements

    The latest note (if present) will now be displayed on github embeds, the tickets list view will sort based on ticket and id and a issue was fixed where players could close other peoples tickets.

  9. Bug fixes and wip events


    This update adds a config option for a server name, use this if you're running a bungee'd array of server and the discord messages will include the server name.

    I also fixed an issue where commands will error if the worlds name is set to null. Most of the work of on this update was documenting everything, which is part of a bigger effort to add a formal api.

    So far there are two events TicketConstructionEvent (cancellable) which runs before the ticket is created an given an id and...
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  10. Discord bot overhaul, misc fixes.

    • The discord bot embeds have been overhauled with more information and a nicer look
    • Properly set locale from config file
    • Added location to show command
    • Remove NFE when processing invalid number in commands
    • Fix an issue where notifications would get stuck on old ones
    Thank you!
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