PurpleBungeeIRC v0.1.140

Based on PurpleIRC. Provides IRC chat relay for BungeeCord proxies.

  1. cnaude
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    ~~ PurpleBungeeIRC ~~
    Based on PurpleIRC. Provides IRC chat relay for BungeeCord proxies.

    ~~ Features ~~
    • Relay chat from game to IRC and vice versa.
    • Relay game chat events to IRC.
    • Relay game join events to IRC.
    • Relay game quit events to IRC.
    • Relay game server switch events to IRC.
    • Relay IRC events to game.
    • Translate colors from game to IRC and vice versa.
    • Fully configurable message templates.
    • Enable or disable any chat feature to and from the game.
    • Most of the configuration options are per bot and per channel.
    • Each bot can join multiple channels.
    • Automatically op IRC users based on user masks.
    • Control and protect the IRC topic.
    • Manage IRC channel modes.
    • Automatically reconnect to the IRC server on disconnect.
    • Respond to commands in IRC chat.
    • Supports prefixes and suffixes. (see sample config for details)
    • Optionally hooks into HerochatBungeeIRC and HerochatBungeeBridge-Bukkit.
    ~~ Configuration ~~
    See the sample configurations.
    ~~ Installation ~~
    1. Drop the jar file into your plugins folder.
    2. Restart the proxy server.
    3. Copy the SampleBot.yml into the bots folder and customize as needed.
    4. Restart the server.
    ~~ Permissions ~~
    • irc.<COMMAND>-Every command requires a permission node.
    • irc.message.chat - Receive IRC chat messages
    • irc.message.gamechat - Send game chat to IRC
    • irc.message.action - Receive IRC chat actions (/me)
    • irc.message.quit - Receive IRC quit messages
    • irc.message.join - Receive IRC join messages
    • irc.message.disconnect - Receive IRC disconnect messages
    • irc.message.connect - Receive IRC connect messages
    • irc.message.kick - Receive IRC kick messages
    • irc.message.nickchange - Receive IRC nick change messages
    • irc.message.topic - Receive IRC topic messages
    • irc.message.part - Receive IRC part messages
    ~~ Development ~~
    Latest Builds

    ~~ Support ~~
    Issue Tracker
    ~~ Donations ~~
    Bitcoin: bc1qzrdtsypfrha690txrhfrywej2a0z2a9wntkeal

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Recent Updates

  1. Update for MC 1.16.3
  2. Support for MC 1.16.1
  3. See changelog

Recent Reviews

  1. CanNian2002
    Version: v0.1.140
    Just found this plugin, download it now to experience it. However, the support page of this plugin seems to be wrong. I tried to join the IRC server on the support page and found that it pointed to an inexplicable IRC server. One of the channels was written with the address of discord. After I went in, I found that it was a Minecraft Vanilla. Discussion community. It is not a channel related to this plugin at all, I hope the author can modify it.
  2. fnutt
    Version: v0.1.92
    First I would like to thank cnaude for his incredible amount of time and dedication towards a plugin that he doesn't even use himself. He has been helping me and the BungeeCord network I'm hosting with fixing bugs and adding features to the plugin. If we got a problem with PurpleBungeeIRC he's always around and makes a build to fix it right away. His support is, described with two words, totaly amazing! It's not often you come across plugin authors like this.

    PurpleBungeeIRC does lag behind PurpleIRC on features, as well as it depends on Herochat which does have some issues. However, the plugin works like a charm and it does connect the in-game chat nicely with the IRC channel through a bot.

    I think there's a great future for PurpleBungeeIRC and I would highly recommend it to anyone that would like to either:
    (a) give their players the ability to talk to those in-game from IRC instead of using badly done Android apps.
    (b) would like to moderate their Minecraft network chat without having to be in-game all the time.

    I do recommend people to use https://h.cnaude.org/jenkins/job/PurpleBungeeIRC/ and join the IRC support channel if any issues.
  3. police
    Version: v0.1.35
    It works well on only chat...

    For example, I try to give op other bots through

    bungee irc command when the bungee bot is op..

    but it doesn't work...
    1. cnaude
      Author's Response
      I'll need a little more information. What exactly are you trying to do?
  4. _CJ_
    Version: v0.1.6
    I have used PurpleIRC a lot and when I tried bungee cord I think that there is not good IRC<->game way to use (BungeeIRC is too simple and cant be set as I want but good. CloudChat is kinda broken or buggy - I din't find solution to make it work). I found out that cnaude have some PurpleBungeeIRC in his repo but yet not on this site, so I ask him to add it here and to make some improvements to make it work with Herochat bungee bridge (he is working on it right now)

    PurpleIRC and PurpleBungeeIRC is almost similar in configs (bungee version has not as much hooks to other chat game plugins cause there are not many of them). You can make your bot - it has a looooot things to config and that is the best thing about it. It is possible to format every string which will go from game to irc and back, decide which messages to send and to which channel. You can even make more bots with similar configs. Whis is very complex plugin but yet very simple because cnaude provides sample configs with all possible setting (so you just copy it and add or remove "#" to make it work as you want).

    I cooperated with cnaude in past when I needed some changes and hooks to PurpleIRC and he just said "ok, I'll try"...a few hours later he done the work at it was work exactly as I wanted :) He is like little IRC related plugin god and I really admire his work and dedication to follow wishes of anyone who ask him to make some improvements :)