PurpleIRC 1.0-352

Bukkit plugin for IRC integration.

  1. cnaude
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Recent Reviews

  1. AeSix
    Version: 1.0-352
    Been using dev builds for a while. Great dev work for a great plugin!

    The bot config is overly complex, and if it were up to me, would be much more simple... but then I remember my days of running eggdrop bots and their configs, and this is butter in comparison.

    I use this on a private IRC server to monitor my MC servers, and player chat / requests for help.

    With the right IRC client, highlighting specific words and names to push notifications to the IRC user... great for help requests and for those who are being obscene too. Can't monitor all your servers at once? With PurpleIRC, you too can!

    Seriously though, I've never had stability or available issues caused by PurpleIRC and it does what I need and ooooh so much more.

    Thank you! :D <3
  2. rmellis
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-311.jar
    This is by far the best IRC Plugin available on spigot to this day!
    after 1.5.2 i switched from CraftIRC to Purple IRC Years ago and since then it has just made Everything much more manageable and usable in general, everything is configurable and i have never experienced an issue with this, Defiantly recommend you give this a try!
  3. Tinnto
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-311.jar


  4. fnutt
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-288
    Need to point out my BungeeCord network is now using cnaude's BungeeCord version of PurpleIRC, but we was using his Spigot version recently and the plugins share most of the same codebase.

    cnaude is a plugin author that you don't come across very often. His support and dedication is what I would describe truely amazing! If something isn't working he'll be there to fix the issue straight away and make a build for it. Feature requests are implemented. This is someone that care for his plugins and those using it!

    The Spigot version of PurpleIRC is very good and runs extremly well. We had no issues whatsoever with this plugin. Would highly recommend it to anyone that would like to either:
    (a) give their players the ability to talk to those in-game from IRC instead of using badly done Android apps.
    (b) would like to moderate their Minecraft server chat without having to be in-game all the time.
  5. dwi
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-242
    One ond only fully featured IRC plugin. A lot of customizations and large number of supported plugins.
  6. mormoon
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-242
    Been using this plugin for more than a year now. When I first installed this plugin I was amazed with all the features. It hooks into the plugins we use for example grief-prevention, and venturechat. It also works perfectly with chatcontrol. This plugin is very mature and the developer is very helpful. If you are into linking your minecraft chat to IRC, this is the no1 plugin you need.
  7. ProjectEdenGG
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-242
    Been using PurpleIRC for over a year. Great plugin, so many useful and powerful features, author is very nice and always responds to my questions politely and quickly, and almost always takes suggestions and implements them. I highly recommend this plugin.
  8. Beaupedia
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-224
    Works beautifully, absolute best we've found! Very responsive and active dev, which is the main thing we look for. Thanks!
  9. ratedhd
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-224
    Loving it. totally download this if you really want it :D:D:D
  10. mormoon
    Version: PurpleIRC-1.0-195
    Been using this plugin for over 6 months now. Never had any issues with it. Best IRC plugin to have on your server!