Pushingbox Communicator 1.3

Alert Pushingbox when a player is online

  1. SIndybad
    This very simple plugin notifies Pushingbox when a player joins the game.
    The DeviceID (found under "My Scenarios" on Pushingbox) can be specified in the config

    In the message under Scenarios>a scenario>Manage>a service>Edit, you can put $player$ or $world$ or $servername$ and it will automatically be replaced by the player name, the world name and the server name
    For example, "$player$ joined $servername$" would be replaced with "Sindybad joined Sindybad's server"

    You can associate names to players in the config, e.g. it would say:
    "SindybadsName joined" instead of "Sindybad joined"

    • Put the "Notify.jar" in your plugins folder
    • Restart the server
    • edit the plugins/Notify/config.yml and put in your DeviceID
    • Restart the server(again)

    Note: I do not own Pushingbox, I am just implementing their API into a plugin
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Recent Reviews

  1. alexKbcn
    Version: 2015-03-02
    does what it says:) would be good to be able to include the username in some way...