[Puzzle] RushHour 1.1.1

Minecraft version of the original board game | Try to escape the cars&trucks blocking your path

  1. Minor change

    • relocated MCStats class into sub-package to avoid conflicts with older versions
  2. 1.9 support | Level 31-40

    • added support for 1.9
      • if you are not on 1.9, please use version 1.0.1
    • added levels 31-40
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  3. 10 More Puzzles | Spectator Mode | Fixes

    • added 10 more puzzles (21-30)
      • you will have to remove your /puzzles directory to get the new levels
    • added spectator mode (/rushhour spectate <player>)
      • make sure to update your messages.yml!
    • minor fixes
      • solution no longer plays if the player stopped viewing it
      • fixed interactions in the inventory (items can no longer be moved)
      • properly dispose any inventory if the game is finished
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