PVP Arena 1.15.1

Enhancing PVP experience with PVP and multi-games arenas

  1. eredrimfr
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:

    Enhance your server with PVP and mini-game arenas!

    What is PVP Arena ?

    Unlock a new PVP dimension by creating customizable fight and mini-games arenas. Define your own teams, classes, lobbies, spawn points, messages, gear colors, rewards and even game modes! Theses game modes (included in the plugin) can combined with tens of modules to enhance your gameplay! In addition, all arenas can be protected with an embedded protection system based on regions.

    Anyway, here's a quick (non exhaustive) list of plugin features:
    • Multiple arenas
    • Arena regions and protections
    • Player-state saving
    • Customizable classes
    • Customizable spawn points, lobbies and spectator zones
    • In-game configuration access and simple config files
    • Arena disabling
    • Scoreboards
    • Spawn protection
    • Flag coloring
    • Inventory drops
    • Announcements
    • Time limited match
    • Battlefield regeneration

    Game modes

    With PVP arena, when you create an arena you can choose ways to win or lose by managing your arena goals. Each goal can be fully configured to personalize even more your experience.
    Here is the list of some ways to play with goals :
    • Kill your enemies (player/team deathmatch)
    • Lose one point each time you or someone in your team dies (player/team lives)
    • Destroy a block belonging to the other team to win (BlockDestroy)
    • Reach several checkpoints in order to win (Checkpoints)
    • Dominate flag/beacon positions to increase your score (Domination)
    • Capture enemies flag and bring them at home (Flags/PhysicalFlags)
    • Cook food and bring it home (Food)
    • Infect people to win or kill infected players (Infect)
    • Jail all your enemies to win, free your allies to avoid losing (Liberation)
    • Ignite TNT of the opposing team to win (Sabotage)
    • Focus and kill one tank player (Tank)
    You will find the full list of goals and how to configure them in the documentation.


    In addition of goals, you can also enable special features with modules (mods) for each arena. Modules add new events, new ways to spectate games and even new gameplay elements.

    Here is a quick selection of some things you can do with modules :
    • fill some chests randomly in the battlefield before each match
    • freeze players at the beginning of the game
    • spawn special items
    • restore your battlefield after each game
    • equip players with leather armor having team color
    • add potion effects like slowness or strength to arena classes
    • find other players with a compass
    • dissolve blocks under players feet
    • add monetary rewards
    • spectate match with the Minecraft spectate mode (without possibility to cross over the world)
    Once again, you will find more information on our documentation page.


    Here is a little gallery of things you can do with PVP Arena.

    Domination------------------------Blockdestroy arena---------------------Capture the flag

    Download & Install

    Release builds
    PVP Arena release version can be downloaded on this page (button of the top-right) or on the Github releases page.

    Development builds
    If you want, you can test our development builds (experimental) by downloading them on our Discord server in channel #dev-builds.

    Installation instructions

    Place PVP Arena .jar file in the plugin repository of your server and restart.

    Documentation & Support

    You will able to find a full (and recently re-written) documentation on Github. It contains useful tips, a FAQ and was built like a wiki to improve understanding. Take time to read it ;)

    To report issues and make suggestion, please use our Github issues page.

    Finally, to contact us to ask your questions or just discuss, you can go here:

    Do you enjoy the plugin?

    If you appreciate my work you can like this page, rate the plugin, write a review or just post a message on the forums or on our discord server.

    If you want to support my work, can can also make a donation. It is always greatly appreciated :love:


    PVP Arena is free and always will be.
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Recent Reviews

  1. afrojack10
    Version: 1.15.1
    Any idea when 1.17 support is coming?
    Having all sorts of issues........................
    1. eredrimfr
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for your review but please don't use the reviews tab to ask your questions. You can ask them on "discussion" tab or on our discord server.
  2. The.Phoenix
    Version: 1.15.1
    very good plugin but please plaese please add MMOCore and RPGInventory support .
  3. xxBoWiExx
    Version: 1.15.1
    not support . .
    1. eredrimfr
      Author's Response
      Did you mean there is no support? Because that's just false. We provide support on discord and on the spigot forums. Everything is in the resource description.

      EDIT: After a quick lookup, I saw you asked a question on our discord. An admin answered you in barely one hour.

      No comment...
  4. wojtek5877
    Version: 1.15.1
    I LOVE this plugin! It is very customizable and author is very supportive. I can recommend it.
  5. Hydagur
    Version: 1.15.1
    Unpleasant developers, lack of documentation, repetitive bugs, then you get talked down to because of the bugs the developers themselves have made.
  6. g3netix
    Version: 1.15.1
    i like this plugin. this isjust what need it.iam very happy to find it. i have only 1 request,support to kill streak sounds for all kill some sound.if can custom sounds.GJ man.
  7. elpibee
    Version: 1.15.1
    It is very hard to configure it tbh, but once you learn how to the posibilities are great! Nice plugin!
  8. Tymianek
    Version: 1.15.0
    Error: Spawn missing : 0/2x lounge

    How i fix it? I try everything!!! there is no command /pa [arne name] lounge spawn
    1. eredrimfr
      Author's Response
      There is a discord server, a support forum and a github if you need help. Pleas don't use the review area.
  9. zuv4ik
    Version: 1.15.0
    Nice plugin)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!
  10. MrUnit64
    Version: 1.14.0
    An average plugin for very simple PVP arenas, but it's a pain to work with for larger projects. It has a lot of smaller problems. to name a few:

    - Some commands don't give errors when an error occurs.
    - Sometimes have to reload after setting commands to work.
    - Some modules are out of date and work only after restarting.
    - The documentation is bad and outdated, very few explanations.
    - Some modules/ actions just outright crash the server.
    - Choosing classes is requires, even if turned off.
    - The video tutorials are old and pretty bad.
    - If the wrong command (order, letter) is used it starts the arena instead of giving an error. Very annoying.
    - The order of actions of some modules are bad. Example: using WorldEdit it restores the battlefield including entities and after that it clears the field of entities. Useless.

    It's a nice plugin if you want a few simple arena's with basic battles, but for game modes like The Walls, Hunger Games and Infection it's just so much better to use a dedicated plugin. Outside from the larger problems it's full of little annoyances and the documentation that looks big, but really isn't, doesn't help at all. There is no Discord Server either, you can only open issues on Github. After tinkering with multiple gamemodes and arenas for a week I wasn't very happy. Then, after I installed a simple module ,The server crashed and I couldn't move ingame after restarting. I had to delete player data and I decided to uninstall it and get some dedicated plugins instead.

    I do not recommend this plugin for 1.15.2