PVP Arena 1.14.0

Enhancing PVP experience

  1. eredrimfr
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    Latest files.zip: CLICK

    Latest release is fully compatible with Minecraft 1.15 !
    Dev builds are available on Jenkins

    Enhance your server by adding a new dimension of PVP battles! Create fully customisable, moddable, flexible arenas, develop your own arena goal or mod that totally changes the game as you wish. This flexibility is achieved on the one hand by a module loader created by NodinChan which loads arena goals (/pvparena/goals) and arena mods (/pvparena/mods) which enhance the gameplay just limited by your imagination, on the other hand it features an API, which still is a WIP due to lack of requests. I will enhance it as feature/hook requests arise.

    Full documentation, including all mods and goals on github!


    Generally speaking, most goals are part of the base plugin and you should be able to get the hang of it soon, by the help of the youtube tutorials, showing first hand how to set up an arena.

    Game Modes include but are not limited to:

    • win by destroying a block
    • win by domination a position long enough
    • win by capturing flags and bringing them home (CTF)
    • win by burning food and bringing it home
    • win by infecting other players or kill the infected
    • win by killing everyone, eventually liberate fallen comrads
    • win by killing an amount of people
    • win by igniting a bomb in the enemy base
    • win by killing everyone as tank or by killing the tank
    • win by aquiring enough of the above in a set amount of time

    PVP Arena on its own has a quite large range of settings, I suggest you check out the default configuration that is created (and linked on github) so you get a feeling for how much you can actually do.

    Enhancement Modules include but are not limited to:

    • add configurable announcements on various events
    • add arena boards (signs) to monitor arenas
    • give players battlefield maps with markers of enemies / goals (flags etc)
    • prevent people from entering and exiting the arena regions
    • detailed settings about classes (potion effects, restrictions)
    • kill streaks and corresponding rewards / potion effects
    • restore the battlefield after everyone went crazy
    • fill certain chests with predefined contents
    • add various commands and triggers to commit on various events
    • put people into a small place where they wait before respawning to the battlefield
    • special skins per team
    • allow joining via pressure plates, buttons, signs, ...
    • display relevant information on configurable MC scoreboards
    • add monetary rewards
    If you still have questions, feel free to reply in the "discussion" tab or open an issue on github.

    Donations are greatly appreciated <3


    General Team Arena Setup

    General Free For All Arena Setup

    General Team Arena Setup (German)

    Region Setup (Shapes)

    Region Setup (Protections)

Recent Updates

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  2. 1.13 release
  3. - hello world - development resuming ^^

Recent Reviews

  1. DAVIDSUN211
    Version: 1.14.0
    How I do when someone dies is launching to a certain place. And each team will have a different point to end
    For example, when a member of the Red Team dies, he launches into the Red Team's room and waits for the end of the game. And the same in the blue group
  2. Amitlu
    Version: 1.14.0
    great plugin but how do i add signs to monitor arenas.
    also can i add a simpler way for players to join arena's from spawn on signs or warps and how too do so
  3. RoloIsDarude
    Version: 1.14.0
    An absolutely great plugin to have if you want to make a minigame server, easy to use, and works!
  4. Igino
    Version: 1.13.9
    Probably the best free arena plugin! Easy to use, stable, feature rich. Keep on developing.
  5. hatertianmet
    Version: 1.13.9
    flexible, lightweight, very impressive and user friendly! Alot of features and top to bottom configurable arenas anywhere in your world
  6. Flaze_CR
    Version: 1.13.9
    Great plugin, I use it for my server. I have one question though, how do you set up protections etc? Because when I do /pa protection (name of region) (name of flag) true and then I try with false, it doesn't make any change and I just can't do the action in the region. I don't know how to allow or disallow certain actions.
  7. SexyLQH
    Version: 1.13.9
    Guys how can i create a arena that just have 5 team and 1 team just have 4 player. And what goal that 1 player in a team die 1 time will be kick, i mean 1 team just have 1 live for 1 player. I research for it everywhere on internet but no result.
    1. eredrimfr
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for your rating. About your first question, it's unfortunately impossible to fix the amount of players of each team. However, you can set min and max players in each team in the config (within the "ready" block).
      For your second request, just use both the goals teamdm and playerlives. In playerlives config, set 1 life per player and in teamdm config, set the number of lives as the max number of players per team.

      If you need more help or if the just want to talk about the plugin, please use the "discussion" tab of this page.
  8. 9ofe
    Version: 1.13.9
    not working on 1.8.8 spigot

    when i do /ap help
    or /ap create test
    or any command
    says "[pvp arenas] no arenas found!"
    1. eredrimfr
      Author's Response
      are you sure you're using a version compatible with spigot 1.8 ? The latest one is
      You can find this version in the "Updates" tab of this page.
      In the future, please don't use the reviews to warn about difficulties you may have.
  9. eickmung
    Version: 1.13.9
    This is PVP Arena Very Well Plugin! The Best Pvp Game Plugin.
    Good Job! Thanks Author.
  10. lionmarck
    The Best (and also Free) Multi-type Player Arena Plugin...
    The only disappoint is... that it gives some errors on latest 1.13+, otherwise is the PERFECT MultiArena Plugin... Easy but Powerful plug!

    I hope you'll try to update to latest version of MC... ;)