PVP Arena

Enhancing PVP experience

  1. PVP Arena v1.3.4.291 (Enhancements)

    • v1.3.4.291 - [EventActions] - Prevent NPEs for physical triggers of InteractEvents

    • v1.3.4.291 - [TempPerms] - addresses github issue #19 - wait before reassigning when starting the game

    • v1.3.4.289 - [Duel] - only react to duelists leaving the game

    • v1.3.4.288 - [ArenaBoards] - save board as block location type, not as spawn location type

    • v1.3.4.288 - [ChestFiller] - latest breaking changes in the API - thanks to @mibby for the fix tip

    • v1.3.4.285 - [EventActions] - add custom replacement strings that hooks can use, and add class replacement hook to class change event
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