PVP Arena

Enhancing PVP experience

  1. PVP Arena v1.3.4.291

    • v1.3.4.291 - added debug to PotionSplashEvent for someone to have evidence to report a bug

    • v1.3.4.290 - when setting up a region, check that it has actual resulting volume before saving

    • v1.3.4.289 - address github issue #324 - call home asynchronously

    • v1.3.4.288 - stop igniting your own TNT - and tell people that it is not okay

    • v1.3.4.287 - update EventActions docs to properly reflect the node names

    • v1.3.4.286 - update EventActions docs and fix github issue #314 by not stopping arenas twice on reload!

    • v1.3.4.285 - allow to update spawn and blocks on the fly
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