PVP Arena 1.14.0

Enhancing PVP experience with PVP and multi-games arenas

  1. 1.14.0 Release

    A new update which supports spigot 1.13 and 1.14.
    Color issues for CTF are fixed and all the color system was rewritten. From now on, just use dye colors as team colors in your config.
    The updates also improve domination goal and bring a new updater system. All is explained in the docs on github ;)

    Download the 1.14.0 modules pack here :...
  2. 1.13 release

    A big upgrade of the plugin in order support 1.13.
    Please do not use your previous arena configurations and re-create it for a better compatibility.
    If you are an experienced user of the plugin and if you are brave, you can upgrade from previous version even so. Please read this documentation : https://github.com/Eredrim/pvparena/blob/master/doc/update-from-1-3-x.md
  3. - hello world - development resuming ^^

    Last update for spigot 1.12
    • v1.3.4.298 - attempt to properly back up NBT data of player's items in case of an unnatural leaving of the arena
    • v1.3.4.297 - address github issue #351 - add yet another delay to fix Spigot
    • v1.3.4.296 - address github issue #329 - actually change the scoreboard title :O
    • v1.3.4.295 - fix the fact that the scoreboard did not update on losing the last life. Thanks to @Oruss7...
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  4. PVP Arena v1.3.4.291

    • v1.3.4.291 - added debug to PotionSplashEvent for someone to have evidence to report a bug

    • v1.3.4.290 - when setting up a region, check that it has actual resulting volume before saving

    • v1.3.4.289 - address github issue #324 - call home asynchronously

    • v1.3.4.288 - stop igniting your own TNT - and tell people that it is not okay

    • v1.3.4.287 - update EventActions docs to properly reflect the node names

    • v1.3.4.286 - update EventActions docs and fix github issue...
  5. PVP Arena v1.3.4.291 (Enhancements)

    • v1.3.4.291 - [EventActions] - Prevent NPEs for physical triggers of InteractEvents

    • v1.3.4.291 - [TempPerms] - addresses github issue #19 - wait before reassigning when starting the game

    • v1.3.4.289 - [Duel] - only react to duelists leaving the game

    • v1.3.4.288 - [ArenaBoards] - save board as block location type, not as spawn location type

    • v1.3.4.288 - [ChestFiller] - latest breaking changes in the API - thanks to @mibby for the fix tip...
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  6. PVP Arena v1.3.4.284

    • v1.3.4.284 - fix docs [remove colorteams and scoreboard] and add language and docs for BetterClass "respawnCommand"

    • v1.3.4.283 - add EventActions addition (classchange hook)

    • v1.3.4.282 - address github issue #305 - check max health before setting health

    • v1.3.4.281 - address github issue #302 - prevent NPE for spectators when joining the arena

    • v1.3.4.280 - remove debug output of time message nodes

    • v1.3.4.279 - add github issue #249 - playSound (???) to add...
  7. PVP Arena v1.3.4.284

    • v1.3.4.284 - [BetterClasses] - add respawn command
    • v1.3.4.283 - [EventActions] - hook into player changing classes
    • v1.3.4.281 - [Handycap] - untested build - use with caution!
    • v1.3.4.281 - [ChestFiller] - prevent NPE because of null item in chest
    • v1.3.4.276 - [BetterClasses] - support ingame class change by updating effects
    • v1.3.4.270 - [PlayerFinder] - update the compass location less frequently (on click)
    • v1.3.4.267 - [TempPerms] - properly clear the ArenaPlayer...
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  8. PVP Arena v1.3.4.276

    - v1.3.4.276 - do not setup a scoreboard if spectating is cancelled/not possible
    - v1.3.4.275 - allow right clicking blocks when LOST attempt 2
    - v1.3.4.274 - allow right clicking blocks when LOST and add Region Protection Tutorial
    - v1.3.4.273 - update player equip function to support offhand slots
    - v1.3.4.272 - properly protect and not overprotect, affected: MOBS [block lightning], TNT [prevent entity damage], GROW [actually block block growth]
    - v1.3.4.271 - remove metrics and update the...
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  9. PVP Arena v1.3.4.259

    • v1.3.4.259 - finish off github issue #280 by adding a proper message about reloading the languages
    • v1.3.4.258 - finish the fix for issue #198 by supporting beacon block definitions
    • v1.3.4.257 - address github issue #198 - make particle circle function goal independant
    • v1.3.4.256 - address github issue #285 - catch NPE by checking for missing round argument
    • v1.3.4.255 - address github issue...
  10. PVP Arena Files - v1.3.4.259

    • v1.3.4.251 - [EventActions] - add %allplayers% placeholder to do something for all players
    • v1.3.4.251 - [ArenaBoards,PlayerFinder,SpecialJoin,Squads,Turrets] - fix double registration of right click event in 1.11
    • v1.3.4.257 - [Beacons] - add particle effect runnable
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