PVP-Core 2.3.0

Manages all aspects of pvp/combat on your server, all in one plugin

  1. 1.8 Support

    Fixed bugs with the milestone module
    Fixed projectile knockback once and for all
    Fixed the command module not being toggleable
    Fixed fast hitting not disabling correctly
    Added 1.8 support
  2. Various bug fixes

    • Changed projectiles to hit mobs aswell as players
    • Fixed the old combat module not properly disabling
    • Fixed empty death message showing up
    • Fixed TNT showing up in the wrong place with autoignite
  3. Minor bug fixes

    • Fixed slot 45 of GUIs not allowing clicks
    • Fixed fishing rod knockback going in wrong direction in the old combat module
    • Fixed attack speed staying at 24 even after disabling the old combat module
  4. Patched up some bugs

    • Added the no fall damage module
    • Added mob message to the death message module
    • Added dont break blocks setting to the tnt module
    • Added support for shift clicking to auto equip armor
    • Fixed fishing rods dealing knockback and not damage sometimes
    • Fixed negative health showing in action bar module when shooting a bow
  5. Minor new module, bug fix

    • Added the blood module
    • Fixed various bugs with the auto armor equip module
    • Cleaned up code in the instant respawn module
  6. Fixed fishing rods

    This version should be 2.0.1, but I forgot to mark it.
    • Fixed fishing rods, allowing them to be retracted
  7. MULTI VERSION! New modules, bug fixes and no more ActionBarAPI

    • Added commands module
    • Added disable hunger module
    • Added throwable fire charge module
    • Added disable endermite spawn option to old combat module
    • Added support for other versions
    • Fixed slowness snowball level not working correctly
    • Fixed instant respawn messing up some other modules
    • Fixed some bugs with the chat toxicity module
    • Removed ActionBarAPI as a dependency
  8. Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed durability module
    • Added projectile knockback to the old combat module
  9. Old combat module + several bug fixes

    • Fixed world whitelist causing plugin to be disabled
    • Fixed damage holograms and action bar health not accounting for other modules
    • Fixed bow boost module not correctly disabling
    • Added old combat module
    • Temporarily removed player collision module until the next update (it wasn't working anyway)
  10. Many new modules + World whitelist feature

    • Fixed the death xp module duping xp
    • Added world whitelist
    • Added chat toxicity filter module
    • Added instant void death module
    • Added instant respawn module
    • Added player collision module