PVP Extended 1.0

Adds the ability to "exercise" to increase a player's abilities.

  1. OkDexter12
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Little plugin I made for fun that adds a way to increase your own abilities in-game by doing various exercises.

    Types of Abilities :

    1. Velocity - Allows you to warp your own velocity making it so you can wall jump and throw yourself any direction you look at. Higher levels allow the ability to knock arrows and fireballs backwards that are shot at you. Also affects how fast your arrows move when shot, increasing bow damage. Even higher velocity powers allows you to slice through the air throwing a explosive slice of wind.

    - Shift + Jump + Left Click = throw yourself in the direction you are looking.

    - Jump + Right Click + Block Behind You = Wall Jumping

    Velocity Power can be increased by repeating either of the two powers above.

    Swords and Axes increase velocity power when held to allow for longer jumps but have longer cool-downs.

    2. Attack - Increases the damage of all swords.

    Attack Power can be increased by attacked or killing with swords.

    Strength - Increases the damage of everything besides swords. Includes fists, axes, and anything held.

    Strength Power can be increased by attacking and mining anything.

    Magic - Increases the power of the explosion that a wind slice from velocity can do as well as the damage.

    Magic Power can be increased by drinking potions, enchanting tools, or writing in books.

    Resistance - Decreases the amount of damage you take from anything.

    Ironically, Resistance Power can be increased by taking damage.

    6. Scope - Increases the fov of where you can hit anything. Useful when fighting with people of high velocity that are traveling super fast in the air. Max fov is the edges of your screen. Doesn't apply knockback just does damage.

    Scope Power increased by attacking and killing anything.

    7. Range - Increases the range that you can attack. Also useful for high speed fights so that you can more easily hit people in the air.

    Range Power is increased by attacking and killing anything. Levels up very slowly.

    /turnonpower - Turns your powers on and off so they don't get in the way of building or mining.

    /resetpowers - Sets your powers back to their original values for starting anew.

    /reloadconfigfol - Reloads the configuration file.

    /saveconfigfol - Saves the configuration file. Useful for when you have altered someones powers.

    /alterpower "Name" "Power Number" "Ammount" - changes someone's power to a new value.

    Power Numbers: 1=Velocity 2=Attack 3=Strength 4=Magic 5=Resistance 6=Reach 7=Scope

    /getpower - gets your current power levels.

    Little thing added that increases the power of mobs in farther chunks to give more challenge to higher level players.

    Semi-Inspired by : http://www.scp-wiki.net/code-name-the-truth
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    Version: 1.0
    Amazing plugin! =)
    1. OkDexter12
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, glad you like it.