PVP Notes 1.0.1

Great way to encourage your players to pvp.

  1. bugattijustin4
    -Download an install Script from here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/
    - Put the Notes.sk file in /plugins/Skript/scripts
    - Type /skript reload all
    - PVP

    Very basic configuration at the moment. You can set the name of the item that is dropped on a players death, the percent chance that an item will drop, the money that a player will lose, and the money a player will gain when a player redeems it.

    - What the configuration looks like

    Gain: .09 (This is the percent of the balance of the player that died will be claimed when the note is right clicked)
    Lose: .1 (This is the percent of balance of the player that died that they lose when they die)

    These values are different to prevent the duplication of money. It also creates a punishment for players when they die even if it is to natural causes because it is like a tax.

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