PvP Protection [1.7-1.14] | PvP Toggle | Battle Area | PlaceholderAPI Support 1.1.1

Switching PvP state to protect itself from attack

  1. TRCRedstoner
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Languages Supported:
    English, Chinese
    I can't speak English. I'm using translation software. If you don't understand what I want to say, I'm sorry.

    • This plug-in is customized by me for the functions my server needs.
    • If you have good advice, you can tell me in private.
    • I'll open source GitHub later, but not now. I don't have time.
    What does this Plugin do?
    1. Protect players from malicious PvP from other players
    2. Use commands to switch PvP status. When both players are enabled, they can PvP each other.
    3. Support PlaceholderAPI
    4. Use tools to plan areas for PvP
    5. All information prompts can be customized
    Command help:

    PvP Protection:
    Battle Area:

    Region selector:

    Regional protection:

    • /pvp toggle - Switching PvP state
    • /pvp help - View help
    • /pvp reload - Reload configuration files
    • /pvp on - Enable your PVP status
    • /pvp off - Disable your PVP status
    • /pvp set [name] [true/false] - Setting the PvP status of other players
    • /pvp tool - Getting tool
    • /pvp select [1/2] - Select point
    • /pvp region - Manipulate Region Settings

    Placeholders: (Depending on PlaceholderAPI)

    • %pvp_status% Show whether the player has PvP enabled
    • %pvp_cooldown% Display the cooldown of player switching status
    • %pvp_is_cooldown% Show whether the player is cooling down or not
    • %pvp_inanyregion% Show if the player is in a PvP-enabled area

Recent Reviews

  1. Lonelyxiya
    Version: 1.1.1
    This is a good plug-in
    It can be helpful in mod server!
    Is it compatible with cat server?
  2. StoretaAdomin
    Version: 1.1.1
    Very interesting plugin!
    It would be better if it could support gui.