PVP Stats 1.4.19

Keep track of your users' PVP Actions - MySQL or SQLite recommended!

  1. New placeholders for TOP LISTS - use with caution xD

    • v1.4.19 - update the preloaded RAM player values when changing the database not by killing
    • v1.4.18 - add placeholders for TOP lists, use with caution!


    slipcorpvpstats_top_kills_head_5 - heading ("Top 5 Kills")
    slipcorpvpstats_top_kills_1 - Top player entry ("1. SLiPCoR: 100")
    slipcorpvpstats_top_kills_2 - Second player entry ("2. garbagemule: 70")
    slipcorpvpstats_top_kills_3 - ...

    valid things to put up...
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  2. Create player entries by default, when they join

    v1.4.17 - add new config for statistics, 'createOnJoin', defaulting to true

    This affects non-SQL-servers. People can turn this off if they have a big server with many players and yet do not work with a proper database ;)
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  3. Tab-Completion!

    Well this is unexpected but it was really easy to implement tab completion, and it works all the way down to bukkit 1.8 :)
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  4. 2 new commands: Migration and Debug-Kill

    • v1.4.15 - add a debugkill command to manually add a kill for debugging
    • v1.4.14 - add a migrate command to backup or move to a different database implementation
  5. round placeholder ratio to 2 digits

    no other changes :p
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  6. v1.3.12 - add placeholder and API calculation for the ratio

    the ratio placeholder is analog to the rest:

  7. SQL hotfix

    It seems that SQL stats databases never got the initial database entry - sorry for that - everything should work from now on
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  8. Some more SQLite fixes, and allow use of "/pvpstats [playername]" again

    • v1.3.10 - address #21 and allow to use /pvpstats [playername] if the name is valid
    • v1.3.9 - address #20 and add players to database for SQLite databases
    • v1.3.8 - stop displaying warnings for the world column addition - it does not matter
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  9. v1.3.7 - support MySQL expansion without kill entries

    I think some SQL servers might have trouble updating the database if there are not kill stats present- this build should fix this!

    I have not heard back from a tester, so let's just roll with it....
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  10. v1.3.6 - check kill stats table for column, not the normal stats table

    This stops an error where the database tries to recreate the world column on every server start. Thanks to VoxSolus for notifying me :)
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