PVP Stats 1.3.10

Keep track of your users' PVP Actions - MySQL or SQLite recommended!

  1. Some more SQLite fixes, and allow use of "/pvpstats [playername]" again

    • v1.3.10 - address #21 and allow to use /pvpstats [playername] if the name is valid
    • v1.3.9 - address #20 and add players to database for SQLite databases
    • v1.3.8 - stop displaying warnings for the world column addition - it does not matter
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  2. v1.3.7 - support MySQL expansion without kill entries

    I think some SQL servers might have trouble updating the database if there are not kill stats present- this build should fix this!

    I have not heard back from a tester, so let's just roll with it....
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  3. v1.3.6 - check kill stats table for column, not the normal stats table

    This stops an error where the database tries to recreate the world column on every server start. Thanks to VoxSolus for notifying me :)
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  4. Add column for world [Specific Stats]

    In order to separate kills per world, I added a world column.

    This does not affect the flatfile implementation. Changing this to include worlds would exponentially increase the file size.

    If anyone really wants this please give me a shout.
  5. v1.3.4 - use OfflinePlayer when hooking to Placeholder API

    Thanks to Drc-DEV for the pull and the almost complete second fixing pull. I took the liberty of fixing the remaining errors ;)

    What this update basically does is allow for player placeholders to show even if they are offline.
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  6. Small warning when loading with "collectprecise" but not SQL

    v1.3.3 - add warning if precise kill stat collection is activated, as these stats show up nowhere in the plugin or API

    Yeah this was totally not an update that I pushed early because I messed up the plugin.yml version. No no no.
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  7. SET command and several fixes - BIG config rewrite!!

    • v1.3.2 - address #15 and update kills and death for other plugins to get the current stats (e.g. placeholders)
    • v1.3.1 - fix various weird issues with the config, causing all sorts of errors
    • v1.3.0 - this will be the last rewrite for a while, a lot of classes have been renamed and a lot of JavaDocs have been added
    • v1.2.1 - new command /pvp set [player] [type] [amount] to set specific player statistics

    Sorry this has taken me so long but I really had issues while...
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  8. FlatFile support, big rewrite

    There are some more config nodes you will notice, for flatfile settings, so in case you do not have a database and no SQLite installed, the plugin will create YML files with the set file names.

    I have been rewriting some of the internal workings obviously to support multiple database systems, I have been testing YML and SQLite as much as I can, literally every command - but as I do not have a proper SQL server I can not test THAT part. So plase be careful using this version.

    It should be...
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  9. SQLite support and some rewrites and fixes

    Check your config for some new nodes to activate SQLite.

    I am in the process of adding flat file support, for folks that don't want to even use SQLite but will have to deal with some hot YML action then.

    This update silently fixes an Updater messup where it would never return valid updates and throw errors like crazy.

    Use SQLite with caution. There is no migration to SQLite if you use mySQL!

    The plugin will catch but display all errors, I can not test this myself very much because I am...
  10. 1.0.0 - Welcome to the world of 1.13

    This version bump looks like much but it just is there to qualify the move from legacy to 1.13 API. There has been a big change:

    The updater works like in my other plugins now, you now have a config block like this:

    mode: both
    type: beta

    Mode case insensitively supports:
    • off (fallback default)
    • announce - announce updates to OP players when they join the server
    • download - download updates automatically for the...
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