PvP Tracker 2.2

Track PvP stats and find the best PvPers of the server and give ranks to them!

  1. Nanoripper
    It is a simple and easy plugin to track the PvP stats and find the best PvPers of your server. You can use this to find a winner every week & month etc.

    This plugin requires WorldEdit and WorldGuard!

    • Multiverse support ( It will only keep tracking in the worlds you want, which is configurable via config.yml)
    • Detailed PvP stats (Who killed whom, kill counts etc.)
    • MySQL support
    • Detect Cheaters
    • Leaderboard Signs
    • Easy reset command to clear the stats for that competing period.
    • PvP Tracking can be disabled in specific regions. ( Event regions, protected areas etc. configurable via config.yml)
    • PvP ranks according to PvP points (fully customizable)
    • Show PvP Ranks as Tags on chat (compatible with EssentialsChat and many other)

    Plugin tracks all PvP fights in configured zones(proper world and regions). Every kill gives 10 points and every death(by other players) takes 20 points back. So basically 2 kills = 1 death.

    Plugin has a cheat detection feature. If a player kills same player more than X times(X is configurable via config.yml), player will lose all the points he got by killing that player. This feature can be used to prevent people killing same person repeatedly to earn pvp ranks.

    Plugin will only track PvP in the worlds you want. You can also exclude specific WG regions in that world. (Ex: event regions)

    Plugin's table on MySQL has 2 columns for kill counts. First one is to store the active kill counts of that competing period. And the second is to store the overall kill counts. When you use the reset command active kill counts will be added to overall and will be reset to 0.

    The active points are used to determine the winner of that competing period. Scoreboards will also show the points for that competing period.

    The overall points are to determine the PvP Ranks of users.

    Rank System

    You can use the plugin to give PvP Ranks to players according to their overall PvP points.



    Rank names and required points are fully customizable via config file. Ranks will be calculated according to overall points. So using the reset command WON'T reset ranks.

    Reset command is used just to finish that competing period by adding the active points to overall points and cleaning the active points.

    To display the PvP Ranks on chat use {pvp_rank} variable in your Essentials ChatFormat.
    Example: &6[&a{pvp_rank}&6] can be added before player names to show their pvp ranks on chat.

    Leaderboard Signs

    Place 2 signs on the wall one below the other one. First line of the first sign must be [pvptracker]. After this is set just right click the first sign and it will turn into leaderboard. (You need pvptracker.admin permission for that.)

    Sign Format:

    When you right click, it will turn into a leaderboard:

    Commands & Permissions
    • /pvptracker reload - pvptracker.admin - Reloads the plugin config.
    • /pvptracker reset - pvptracker.admin - Finishes the current competing period. Adds the active period's points to overall points and clear the active points so a new competing period starts. (Scoreboards will be automatically cleared.)
    • /pvptracker check - Shows the command sender his active PvP points. (not overall points)
    • pvptracker.canpvp - Default permission. You can take this perm from your moderators/admins to keep them away from leaderbords. Plugin won't keep stats if this perm is taken.
    • pvptracker.showpoints - Default permission. Players with this permission can have their PvP ranks displayed on chat if configured on your ChatFormat. Players without this permission will have a single letter "Y" instead of their ranks. You can also take this permission from your staff members so their PvP ranks won't be displayed on chat.
    Sample Config.yml File

    The config file which is created after the first load of plugin will be empty and cause errors if you try to use without making the proper configurations.

    Code (Text):
    pvp_worlds: # Name of the worlds you want to keep track of PvP
    - World
    - Nether
    no_pvp_regions: # List of the region names in which plugin won't keep track of PvP stats.
    - eventregion
    - protected_region
    ranks: # List of your pvp ranks and required overall points for each rank.
    - Stone=0
    - Coal=500
    - Lapis=1000
    - Quartz=1600
    - Iron=3000
    - Gold=5000
    - Diamond=8000
    - Emeral=11000
    max_kills: 0 # This is the maximum number allowed for a player to kill the same player. If player exceeds this number, the points he got from killing that player won't be counted. If set to 0, feature will be disabled.

    mysql: #mysql database settings
      host: localhost
      port: 3306
      database: dbname
      user: dbuser
      pass: dbpass
    stat_sign1_coord: 998 68 1004  #World and coordinates for the leaderboard signs. These will be automatically created when you create the signs.
    stat_sign2_coord: 998 67 1004
    stat_sign_world: World

    Report any bugs you see, and I will try to fix them asap. :)

    Change Log

    2.2 - Some MySQL fix and 1.8.8 compatibility
    2.1 - Fixed some ChatFormat Issues.
    2.0 - Added rank system.

    1.1 - Added maximum number of kills allowed per a user.
    1.0 - This is the first version of the plugin.

    I appreciate any feedback and review.
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