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PvPArena 1.0

Simple pvp arena plugin

  1. haloxhawk
    PvPArena is a simple pvp arena plugin that is easy to setup. You can bring your own items into the arena to fight. To check your stats you type /pvp.
    Hope you enjoy if you have any questions leave them below or add me on skype Hotshotgaming(dot)
    Thank you

    With PvPArena, you're able to create Signs, on which a player can click to get into the arena or they can type a command
    1. Build your arena.
    2. Go to the future spawnpoint of the arena, and type: /pvp setarena
    3. Go to your lobby, where your players will spawn if they leave the game, or disconnect while playing a PvP-Match and type: /pvp setlobby
    4. Now your arena is ready to play! Don't forget to protect the arena, so that the players won't be able to place & break blocks!

    /pvp join
    /pvp leave
    /pvp setarena
    /pvp setlobby

    To Do
    Custom kits
    Fancier signs
    Combat log
    scoreboard for in game players only


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Recent Reviews

  1. GiraffeCubed
    Version: 1.0
    Outdated, does not load.
  2. AutMiners
    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin cant wait for the scoreboard and custom kits
    1. haloxhawk
      Author's Response
      Hopefully i will have scoreboard and custom kits in next update. Glad you like the plugin