PVPArrow 1.3

Give Shooters arrows back

  1. Scorpion
    This was requested by someone and since its just something simple and nothing spectacular well, maybe people can find use with it and come up with idea's for it.

    The request:

    Its based to only work via and against players meaning the shooter and reciever of arrows has to be a Player else it wont work(If it does its a bug and let me know)

    While the initial request is 2 plugins it would cost alot more to load up 2 plugins rather then setting 1 setting to false to stop the event from firing completely.

    Most may not find use in this but those 1-2 people that do, enjoy!

    Code (Text):

    #Set wether or not on a player kill arrows should be given and if true, how many.
    kill: true
    deadlyarrow: 2
    #Set wether or not on a player hit by arrow the shooter should get arrows and if true, how many.
    hit: true
    hitarrow: 1

    If you use this code use it for personal use only dont redistribute this plugin as your own. But other then that, decompile it use what u can on this small thing and enjoy!

    Not a must as always nothing is but this helps and motivates me to improve the plugin alot more :)

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