PvpDuels - Challenge your players! 0.6

PvpDuels allows you to create pvp arenas without complicated set-up!

  1. darkreval
    Dark Reval

    Challenge your players by creating arenas for pvp!

    PvPDuels is my main plugin which i want to update every day. You can expect many features which you will not find on other servers.

    Actually PvPDuels version is 0.1.


    List of commands:

    /duel - open arenas gui

    /duel create
    <name> <author> - Creates arena with typed name and author (builder of arena).

    Permission: duel.command.create


    /duel delete <name> - Deletes arena by name.

    Permission: duel.command.delete​


    /duel join <name> - Joins arena by name.

    Permission: none


    /duel leave - Leaves actually joined arena.

    Permission: none


    /duel setspawn1
    <name> - Sets first spawn point of arena.

    Permission: duel.command.setspawn1


    /duel setspawn2
    <name> - Sets second spawn point of arena.

    Permission: duel.command.setspawn2


    /duel disable
    <name> - Disables arena.

    Permission: duel.command.disable


    /duel enable
    <name> - Enables arena.

    Permission: duel.command.enable


    /duel list
    - shows list of arenas.



    /duel additem
    <arena> <itemid> <amount> - adding items to arena.



    Arena setup:

    1. Create arena /duel create <name> <author>

    2. Go to point where you want place first spawn point. Now type /duel setspawn1 <name> and /duel setspawn2 at second point

    3. Use /duel enable <name> to enable arena

    If you see new created arena at /duel list, its working!

    To join arena type /duel join <name>

    Edit arena items at config, section items:

    - 0;1

    Reload an server.


    - Java 1.8/(1.7 in next update).
    - Bukkit 1.7+





    - Commands for adding items to arena, now you can edit this at config. #DONE! UPDATE 0.2

    - Reload command.
    - More configurable things...
    - Arena GUI
    - Rewards
    - Points
    -MySQL support

    Thanks! :)

    If you appriciate my work and if you want, you can donate me here:


    This will motivate me :D

Recent Updates

  1. GUI FIX
  2. Code optimization & arena gui animation
  3. simple listeners fix

Recent Reviews

  1. ItsVexus
    Version: 0.6
    pls update and edit message on config but nice plugin <3 .......................
  2. ABNGaming
    Version: 0.6
    Can you please make this spigot 1.8.8 compatible, its a really good plugin and I really wanna be able to use it!
  3. eepgames
    Version: 0.5 MINOX
    Could you add a command that ties with people joining a dual that is like /duel bet *amount* and the winner gets the money
  4. CoscarRolemine
    Version: 0.5 MINOX
    Im making de 2.0 KitPvP, I tested it on my kitpvp 1.0 server with 100 people and they see some lag and when you join on the arena with /duel, the second time that you will try to join, it says that is in progress "Red wool Block" S: It doesnt restart to join again. And there are some problems with additems with the ID of the items.

    -Can you add configurable messages please?
    -And can you add the comand /duel setinventory arena to make 1vs1 like gapple or something like this?

    If you fix or add it will give you 5 stars :D

    My server ip is mc.srolemine.com

    But im making some tests, so it is not on in the network for the problems.
    1. darkreval
      Author's Response
      I'll try to fix this asap, but its hard to resolve when i test it on localhost with only 1 connected client, thanks!
  5. CoscarRolemine
    Version: 0.3
    A very good plugin, can you add and fix these?:

    -Elo "A system that if you win or lose a battle, you can get points or lose points.
    -Join Random Arena "A comand like /duel join random to join in a random queue for arena"
    -A ranked system "A system that works with elo, if you use /duel join random, you will join in a queue and then you will fight with a player who have the same elo as you" Example (My Elo=1000, Player #1=1500, PLayer #2=1100. /Duel join random = Me vs PLayer2.

    -Lag "Over 100 people plays in my kitpvp server and when they join on the arenas the can see some lag"

    Very Cool Plugin Sr :D
    1. darkreval
      Author's Response
      Thanks! ELO system is coming soon in big update, can you post your server IP? I will put it into resource descriptio.
  6. monsune
    Version: 0.2
    Thanks! Seems like a good plan. I just wish there was money option so players could actually duel for the set amount, e.g. /duel Nick 10 would send duel request for $10 while no amount or 0 would mean training mode without money involved.
    1. darkreval
      Author's Response
      Yea, im going to add rewards for winner :)
  7. TaggedOfficial
    Version: 2016-01-17
    Amazing, hope you work at this Plugin long time. This is an very nice Plugin. Epic that you release it for free <3
    1. darkreval
      Author's Response
      Thanks :) Today maybe i will post 1-2 updates ;)