PVPHandler 0.4b

Simple PVP toggling with full language support!

    PVP Toggling made easy and flexible
    This plugin will no longer be FREE starting September 21st.
    Please see the discussion tab for my response describing and detailing why.

    The proposed price for this plugin will be $1.99 if you REVIEW this plugin BEFORE September 21st you will receive free updates for life.
    What is PVPHandler you may ask?
    Well its just another PVP plugin among the thousands made to give control over players PVP, players may turn their PVP on and off at will as well a check their PVP Status.

    But PVPHandler has something up its sleeve! Flexible language control. Allowing you to completely rewrite every message PVPHandler gives out to players. This will allow you to implement your own language without any trouble!

    Whats in the future?
    Quite a bit, PVPHandler right now is pretty basic and remembers peoples PVP status through the server being restarted. But this is just the start.

    I'll be continually taking suggestions for improvements. Maybe something like an API that allows plugins to check and control a players PVP status?
    This already kinda exists, just use the exposed methods in the main class.

    What are the commands?

    /pvp [true|false]
    Allows the player to toggle their PVP or set their PVP to a certain mode. Either true or false.
    No permission required

    Allows the player to check their own PVP Status

    No permission required

    Reloads the PVP Configuration (Only config.yml) from the disk after you've made changes.
    Requires: pvphandler.reload

    Some things to note:
    The PVP setting works similar to the vanilla server.properties

    True - PVP Is enabled, player can be attacked.
    False - PVP Is disabled, player cannot be attacked.

    No permissions exist for /pvp and /pvpstatus due really not needing them. They can be added if people feel they need it.

    The configuration currently allows you to toggle the default PVP status for new players. Setting it to false disables PVP for them, Setting it to true enables it.

    You can change the cooldown between commands from the default 30 seconds.

    Language strings can be found underneath "messages"
    The following strings must NEVER be removed:
    • pvp.toggle.off
    • pvp.toggle.on
    • pvp.status.off
    • pvp.status.on
    • pvp.err.self
    • pvp.err.other
    • pvp.err.mode
    • pvp.err.permission
    • pvp.cooldown
    The following strings in the default configuration can be removed or edited:
    • pvp.prefix
    • pvp.toggle.info
    You can refer to other language strings within a language string by using "@languagestringid" see the config for an example.

    The following identifiers can be used in language strings but only with certain ones:

    pvp.err.self & pvp.err.other:
    @victim - The name of the player whom was attacked.

    @permission - The name of the permission the player does not have.

    @mode - The mode the user supplied (May contain colour codes)

    Feedback is always appreciated, leave a message in the discussion tab if you have any queries or suggestions. Please DO NOT vote low if the plugin is missing features you'd like, simply suggest in the discussion tab.

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Recent Reviews

  1. darkgamer120
    Version: 0.3b
    Works great, now people can toggle pvp when needed.
    Now people stop complaining about people attacking them for no reason.
    Gr8 job m8 :)
  2. DaffyFluck
    Version: 0.2b
    Works really well not found any bugs with it so far now I can have pvp and pve!

    Easy and simple to use.
  3. 6P14y3r
    Version: 0.1
    Finally a good (and simple) Plugin to toggle PvP. My Players likes it, and becasue of that i like it (noone complaining abount being pvp'd the whole time etc)

  4. Fake
    Version: 0.1
    Good plugin I will use it for my server to 100%