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  1. Added tab complete to the spawner command

    Added tab complete to the spawner give command:

    You can now tab all the mob spawners no need to type them in
  2. Added some Events to the plugin

    You can find the events on the plugin page.
  3. Added a Api to the plugin

    Hey i have added a Api to the plugin Enjoy.

    I will be making bigger updates this week.
  4. Added a multiplier for the upgrade price | You can now edit the upgrade gui

    Add this to your config file:
    Code (Text):
    MultiplyPricePrStack: true #This will multiply the upgrade price pr stack so if your first upgrade is 1mil and the spawner stack is 10 you will have to pay 10mil
    Code (Text):
    GuiName: '&7Spawner upgrader '
       Data: 15
    GuiSize: 27
    DefaultSlot: 10
    FirstSlot: 12
    SecondSlot: 14
    ThirdSlot: 16