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Complete Kitpvp plugin

  1. NikiPlays
    This is a complete kitpvp plugin. It contains everything you need for a kitpvp server. That means, drop the plugin on your Server and there you go.
    The only plugins, that are needed are a multiworld.- and a permissions plugin.

    If you have running a server with this Plugin, please tell me the IP :p

    -insta soup healing
    -16 Kits
    -shop system
    -plugin own Moneysystem
    -money per kill
    -scoreboard with k/d etc...
    -welcomemessage on the scoreboard(changeable in the config)
    -5 free kits
    -11 Kits you can buy with the money you earned by killing players
    -Explosion craters fill automatically
    -You get a Kitselector on joining
    -Doublechests are 'Souprefill-stations'
    -Vip's earn more money

    -Kangaroo: Tab the spacebar twice to double-jump.
    -Gladiator: Challenge your opponent in a Glass cage.
    -Poseidon: Get very strong, while you're in water.
    -Stomper: Jump on your opponents to harm them.
    -Specialist: You always have your portable enchanting table with you.
    -SoulStealer: After dying you get the chance to rise from death.
    -Monk: Switch your opponents item, he is holding, with a random one.
    -Reaper: Hit your opponent with a wooden hoe, to get a 33% chance to wither him
    -Neo: Be invulnerable to projectiles of all kinds.
    -Assasine: You have the ability to 'roundhousekick' your opponents.
    -Shark: Get the ability to double-jump in water.
    -Bomber: If u kill someone, he will explode. You're immune to TNT.
    -Bombardement: Knock your opponents away!
    -Cannon: Shoot Tnt on your opponents.
    -Runner: After you killed someone, you get invicible for 30seconds.
    -SuperMario: Stomp your opponents into the ground.
    NOTE: Each kit includes armor and a full inventory of soups.

    1. Drop the plugin in your plugins folder.
    2. Reload or Restart your Server
    3. Set the permissions.
    4. You're done.

    [DEFAULT=default rank, VIP=vips, OP=Admin]
    pvpkits.use.* - Acces to all kits. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.help - Acces to the help page. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.buy - Acces to buy new kits. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.shop - Acces to the Shop. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.chestshop - Get the Kitselector on joining. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.mykits - To see all the owned kits. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.money - Get money on kills. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.kit.help - Acces to see the descriptions of a kit. DEFAULT
    pvpkits.vip.* - Get more money for a Kill. VIP
    pvpkits.* - Acces to all commands. OP
    pvpkits.setmoney - Set the money of a player. OP

    /pk help - see the help page
    /pk quit - removes your current kit (just works in world: 'world')
    /pk info - shows the info page
    /pk kit - shows your current kit
    /pk chestshop - opens the chestshop
    /pk shop - opens the chatshop
    /pk setmoney [PLAYER] [MONEY-AMOUNT] - sets the money of a player
    /pk money [PLAYER] - displays the money of a player
    /pk mykits - shows your bought kits

    This plugin is in early beta, so exspect bugs.
    Requires: Minecraft 1.7.10

    Hope you like it!
    see ya soon :)

    Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_1.png
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