PvPRatio 2015-05-22

Add ratios for your PvP!

  1. DevHill

    This is a very simple plugin, but useful for PvP servers. It do a ratio with deaths (PvP or all, you can choose it) and kills of a player. It work with UUIDs. Moreover you can see the 10 best players of the server, reset all ratios, ...

    All commands provided by this plugin :
    - /ratio : see your ratio
    - /ratio <player> : see the ratio of a player
    - /ratio top : see 10 best players
    - /ratio force-save : save the ratio file (usually save only when the plugin is disabled)
    - /ratio reload : reload the configuration and the ratios (/!\ if you don't want to loose current ratios, do /ratio force-save before !)
    - /ratio reset : reset all ratios

    Permissions :
    - ratiopvp.admin : to use force-save, reload and reset commands

    Configuration :
    - ratioMessage : the message which is displayed when we look at the ratio (/ratio or /ratio <player>)
    - allowedWorlds : the worlds were the kills and deaths are counted. For enable all put *
    - storeOnlyPvPDeaths : true or false. When false, deaths will be counted when the player is kill by a zombie, by falling, by lava, ...
    - showMessageOnDeath : true or false. When true, the player will have the /ratio message when he deaths

    Version 1.0 :
    - UUID support
    - Added commands /ratio, /ratio <player>, /ratio top, /ratio force-save, /ratio reload, /ratio reset
    - Usable with 1.7.*/1.8.* versions of Bukkit and Spigot (and probably previous version)

    P.S : If someone can help me to correct this text, it will be nice (I'm french)

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