PvPRewards 1.0

Give players rewards for killing another player!

  1. TylerV
    • Give players money for killing another player
    • Give players different money amounts based on their rank.
    • Customizable messages


    • /pvpreload - reload config file.

    Config Setup:

    Code (Text):
      default: 5
      VIP: 10
      AnotherGroup: 20
    Add ranks under "Rewards", permission to receive is rewards.<rankname> ex. rewards.VIP would give the player $10 for killing another player


    • rewards.<rankname> - allows player to receive the amount of money set in the config under <rankname>
    Other Info:
    Please suggest ideas in the discussion. I want to expand this plugin into more than just a basic reward plugin.

Recent Reviews

  1. SkylordDuck
    Version: 1.0
    Does what it says! Seems great! Have not noticed any bugs etc.

    Definitely, a must have for any PvP server! =)
    1. TylerV
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it, I plan to rewrite the whole thing soon to work with 1.8-1.10, and have some more features.