PVPSounds 1.2

Adds better PVP sounds when you hit a player.

  1. Dylan_H

    Adds better PVP sounds when you hit a player!


    I created this plugin since I know the normal vanilla PVP sounds can get really boring for some servers. With this plugin, you can choose any sound in Minecraft you want and make it the PVP sound when you hit a player! When creating this plugin, I tried to keep it as light weight as possible so it doesn't lag servers.

    Video - Spanish:


    /pvpsounds reload - Reloads the configuration file.
    /pvpsounds enable - Enables the plugin (Automatically does this upon this startup.
    /pvpsounds disable - Disables the plugin.
    /pvpsounds sound <Sound> - Allows you to select the PVP sound.


    pvpsounds.status - Allows the player to enable/disable PVP sounds across the server.
    pvpsounds.reload - Access to reload the configuration file.
    pvpsounds.sound - Access to change the PVP sound across the server.

    Upcoming Features:

    I don't have any planned features for this plugin at the moment. I'm happy to take any suggestions on board if it makes the plugin better. Just leave the suggestions in the plugin plugin review section.
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  1. SirRoyal
    Version: 1.2
    Amazing Plugin Good for any pvp server this plugin should be more popular then it is if you want i can do a tutorial // showcase on this plugin.
  2. Newpredator
    Version: 1.2
    Basic but GOOD