PVPSoup 1.0.8

PVPSoup plugin for bukkit servers

  1. RiflemanSD
    You can eat a soup immediate by right click on it, to regain health or food level.

    When you right click, holding a Mushroom Stew(soup) You will immediate eat the soup, and regain 7 health or 7 food level (if your health is full)

    This plugin its like pvp soup

    You can test the plugin here: elitevipcraft.minecraft.gs

    Why this plugin
    Well, you can choose to use, any plugin you want for PVPSoup.

    1. My plugin, its really simple.
    2. It is open source (you can edit the code as you want).
    3. Have permissions.
    4. Every time a player eat the soup, it is creating a event (this can be used for other plugins)
    Report bug
    You can report a bug, by creating issue on Github

    There is not command yet.

    • pvpsoup.use - player can eat the soup
    GitHub (Source code)
    PVPSoup source code

Recent Reviews

  1. timli168
    Version: 1.0.8
    I'm thinking this could potentially work on later versions... but doesn't work on my 1.8.8 server, please specify which version this supports.