PvPTokens [TokenAPI ADDON] 1.0.0

Amazing Plugin For PvP Server's !

  1. mkj770
    I N T R O D U C I N G

    This Plugin is A Simple Addon For
    TokenAPI Plugin

    H O W T O U S E I T
    1. You Will Need First 'TokenAPI'
    2. Place It On Your Plugin File
    3. Start Your Server
    4. Enjoy!

    F e a t u r e
    • Custom Message's
    • You Can Config The Points Player Will Get
    • Enable / Disable Death Messages
    C O N F I G

    Code (Text):
    [FONT=Courier New]
    [CENTER][FONT=Courier New]
    [CENTER]# TokenPvP - @mkj770
    # @Copyright (c)
    #Will Be Removed From Player After He respawn
    Player: 1
    #Will Be Added on Killer Balance
    Killer: 5
    Killer: '&c %killer You Have Taken &e 5 &c Points Killing &e %player%'
    Player: '&c 1 &eToken Have Been Removed From Your Account'
    KillerMessage: true
    PlayerMessage: true