PVPUtils 1.0

Get more fun to your Players in PVP!

  1. Scrayos

    PVPUtils is a Plugin to bring more Fun into your PVP-Server. It doesn't contain that much "Package"-Features, but anyway, it takes more Fun to Play, with PVPUtils on the Server. Planned Features are for example adding a small chance on "Last Stand" after you've killed an Enemy. Or spawning a Zombie on the location, where the player died. But the most special about this Plugin is, that the only ones, who design this Plugin are the ones, who use it. Yes, you are meant, Server-Admins. This Plugin will grow by the suggestions you make for it. I'll visit any suggestion and it's not important to me, how complex the suggestions are. Just don't be shy and ask for the Features you would like to see in PVPUtils.

    Here's a list of Features which are actually in. It'll grow by the suggestions you got for this Plugin:
    • Plays a Sound to the Killer of a Player.

    It's a simple Drag'n'Drop-Installation. Just put the PVPUtils.jar into you "plugins"-Directory and you're done!

    Here's a list of Features which are planned for the future. I'll add your suggestions from the comments and collect'em here. The ones at the top got the highest priority in development. May I'll leave some of them out, to speed up the push of new Versions.
    • Make the Killsound customizable.
    • Add a Last Stand-Mode.
    • Add a SuddenDeath-Mode.

Recent Reviews

  1. izibane
    Version: 1.0
    A very depthful plugin.
    A must have for any server with the amount of features and simple installation and setup.
  2. tipene
    Version: 1.0
    After plugin installed my server have lag
    1. Scrayos
      Author's Response
      Thats absolutely impossible, because I only listen for one event and then only play one sound. Run a spigot timings for more indepth infos.
  3. abudy
    Version: 1.0