PvPWhitelist version 2.0

A plugin to configure with what items people can hit other entity's

  1. HenkDeKipGaming

    I made this plugin because of loads of requests for it.
    This plugin is a really easy plugin to allow people to only pvp with certain items

    - No configuration needed
    - Permissions for everything
    - You don't have to know any of the material names, it just grabs the material from your hand

    The commands work with /pw, /pvpw or /pvpwhitelist.
    - /pw help | Shows help page
    - /pw add | Adds the item in your hand to the whitelist
    - /pw remove | Removes the item in your hand from the whitelist
    - /pw list | Shows all items in the whitelist
    - /pw addPlayer | Adds a player to the whitelist
    - /pw removePlayer | Removes a player from the whitelist
    - /pw list | Shows all players in the whitelist

    - pw.add | Permission to use add command
    - pw.remove | Permission to use remove command
    - pw.addplayer | Permission to use addPlayer command
    - pw.removeplayer | Permission to use removePlayer command
    - pw.list | Permission to use list command
    - pw.bypass | Permission to bypass the whitelisting system
    - pw.admin | Permission for all of the above

    Click here for video

    Thanks for downloading! Please do not comment bugs or suggestions here!
    Mail them to me at [email protected]
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  1. rafmaxx
    Version: version 2.0
    EPIC plugin, je bent de beste coder die ik ooitt heb gezien :DDD
    ik heb een Minetopai server en dit komt perfect uit thank u soo much :0
  2. Jordy1265
    Version: 1.0
    FIRST. Goede plugin jammer dat er weinig ratings zijn maarja ik ben de eerste en de beste KUCH Dat ben jij al