[PWarp] PlayerWarps! |GUI|EASY SET-UP|Player Warps| 3.0.1

Makes you charge players for setting a warp.

  1. The_King_Senne
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    This plugin allows players to set warps for free or for a configured price. I felt like there wasn't a plugin doing this (which isn't out of date), so I made one myself! Of course, this plugin has plenty of other features as well! This plugin requires vault.




    Staff help menu (has a second page):
    Regular help menu:

    /pwarp help (page)
    /pwarp set <name>: sets a warp at your location for players to use.
    /pwarp delete <name>: removes a warp.
    /pwarp itemprice <amount>: sets the item cost of a warp. Uses the in hand item and and a chosen amount.
    /pwarp moneyprice <amount>: sets the virtual money price.
    /pwarp warp <warp>: sends you to a warp.
    /pwarp deleteall: deletes all the warps.
    /pwarp setlimit <amount>: sets a limit for players.
    /pwarp gui: opens a gui with warps.
    /pwarp setlore <warp> <1,2,3> <lore>: sets the lore for your warp in the GUI.
    /pwarp guiitem: sets the inhand item as top central gui item (with colour sensitive name).
    /pwarp move <warp>: moves your warp.
    /pwarp setpublic <warp>: makes your warp public.
    /pwarp setprivate <warp>: makes your warp private.
    /pwarp (un)trust <player> <warp>: (un)trusts a player to your warp.
    /pwarp clearoldwarps: removes all warps that haven't been visited for x (default 30) days. (CURRENTLY NOT IMPLEMENTED)
    /pwarp setitem <warp>: changes your warp icon.
    /pwarp setdelay <seconds>: sets the teleport delay.
    /pwarp separator: changes the glass panes in the GUI
    /pwarp blacklist add/remove <world>: blacklists a world
    /pwarp blacklist list: lists blacklisted worlds
    /pwarp listown: list owned warps.
    /pwarp w2w <true/false>: disabled/enables world to world teleporting
    /pwarp hooks: show plugins PWarp hooked into
    /pwarp listother <player>: list someone's warps
    /pwarp info: general info about the plugin/settings
    /pwarp hide <warp> <true/false>: hide warps in the GUI
    /pwarp rename <warp> <name>: rename a warp
    /pwarp safety <true/false>: disables/enables warp safety
    /pwarp hooks: lists all the hooks of the plugin
    /pwarp defaultprivacy: change the default privacy for when a new warp is made


    /pw (shorter command for pwarp)
    /pww <warp> (shorter command for warping)
    /pwg |pws (shorter commands for gui)


    You can configure the entire plugin in-game. There is no access to a configuration file and it should also not be necessary. Please do not alter warps.json and configuration.json!

    For custom messages go into the messages.yml and change any messages you want. Please make sure the file is valid YAML! :)

    - Charge players virtual money or items for setting a warp (custom items work as well)
    - Safe warps (no warps in lava, air, cobwebs and fire and many more things, after and before setting)
    - Ability to disable safe warps
    - Warplimit
    - Non-case-sensitive warps
    - GUI warp list
    - Visitor counter (visitors of warp owner will be excluded)
    - Custom (colour-sensitive) lore for warps in the GUI
    - Custom item slot in GUI
    - Command to move a warp
    - GUI is sorted from the highest amount of visitors to the lowest
    - Make warps private or public and trust players to use them.
    - Command to clear unused warps (= warps not being visited & inactive players).
    - A warp limit permission node (to get excluded from general limit)
    - Custom warp icons for player warps
    - messages.yml file to have colour sensitive custom messages
    - A customisable teleport delay
    - An info.yml which contains placeholders and permissions
    - A world blacklist and the ability to list blacklisted worlds
    - Ability to change the separator item in the GUI
    - GriefPrevention support (can't set warps in untrusted claims)
    - Command to list owned warps
    - Command to list someone's warps
    - Ability to enable/disable world to world teleporting
    - Automated remover for inactive warps
    - Rename warps
    - And more!

    • All players are allowed to set warps, to use the GUI, to set and reset their lore, to adjust their warp icon, to use help and to use the list.
    • pwarp.blacklist - manage the world blacklist
    • pwarp.create - create warps (given by default)
    • pwarp.delete - delete warps (given by default)
    • pwarp.deleteall - delete all warps
    • pwarp.guiitem - change the top gui item
    • pwarp.hide - hide a warp from the gui
    • pwarp.hooks - see all the hooks of the plugin
    • pwarp.info - display general info about the plugin (settings)
    • pwarp.itemprice - set the item price of a warp
    • pwarp.listother - list warps owned by other players
    • pwarp.listown - list owned warps
    • pwarp.manage - have full access to other people's warps, with ability to change their properties or remove them
    • pwarp.moneyprice - set the virtual money price of a warp
    • pwarp.movewarp - move a warp to a new location
    • pwarp.otherlimit.x - have a personal limit x represents a positive integer
    • pwarp.refreshrate - change the refresh rate of the gui
    • pwarp.rename - rename a warp
    • pwarp.safety - enable/disable warp safety
    • pwarp.separator - change the top and bottom row of gui items
    • pwarp.setdelay - change the teleport delay
    • pwarp.setlimit - change the default warp limit
    • pwarp.staffhelp - see staff commands in the help menu
    • pwarp.w2w - enable/disable world to world teleport
    • pwarp.defaultprivacy - change the default privacy
    • pwarp.setprivate - set warp to private
    • pwarp.setpublic - set warp to public

    Installation guide;

    Simply put the PWarp jar into your plugin folder and restart your server. (If you encounter any issues please restart the server instead of using /reload or plugman).

    For any additional support, you can read the wiki page here.

    Known bugs:

    Currently none :)

    To-do list (changes might occur):

    // - Automated remover for old warps
    // - Indicator for public/private warp in GUI

    Server using PWarp:

    - play.survivalcraft.eu
    - play.mcgrotto.com

    If you have any questions or problems and want to stay up to date, feel free to join my discord:

    Other resources:

    NOTES: If you find any bugs or if something doesn't work, please report it in the discussion thread or my discord server. The review section is for reviews only and I will not respond to bugs nor problem-related questions. Before asking for help, always check whether you have the most recent version installed and that your plugin is running VAULT!
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  2. Bug fixes, new permissions
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Recent Reviews

  1. sitballr
    Version: 3.0.1
    By far the best player warp plugin! Love how simple it is to use and the simplicity!
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      Thank you ^^
  2. comonier
    Version: 3.0.1
    It's always wonderful to see the job so well done by such a dedicated programmer, it worked perfectly on my 1.17.1 server, thanks! FIVE STARS DESERVED
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your nice review :)
  3. Tigrush0r
    Version: 3.0.1
    for me dont work /pwarp setlimit : sets a limit for players.
    or pwarp.setlimit can someone help me with this?
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      If you need help configuring the plugin I recommend joining my discord :). The use of this command is /pw setlimit for a default limit and pw.otherlimit.x (x being a number) overwrites the default limit for a player. pwarp.setlimit is just the permission for the command to set a default limit. Thanks for your review ^^
  4. RustyDagger
    Version: 3.0.1
    Most of the plugin works well, except the item cost. It dont support
    lore/nbt/custom name.

    Discord support Lied said he was going to look at it and nothing has happened, its been 2 weeks.

    command structure is also weird most people would expect /pw <warpname> to warp you. not /pw warp warpname.
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      Hi, please understand that this is a free resource and not a full-time job of mine. I was on a holiday and am not available at all times. I will have a look at it this week as I promised. Leaving a review like this for a plugin that works overall and is free to use, with source code available, seems a bit harsh.
  5. Marvinpe
    Version: 3.0.1
    Nice Plugin please support SkyBlock Plugin "IridiumSkyblock" or "ASkyBlock" for protection and Worldguard
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      Hi! Could you maybe add me on discord to discuss those features? You can find my discord server on this spigot page :). Thanks for the review!
  6. reletivminecraft
    Version: 2.9.1
    Amazing plugin, simple to use and set up and a lovely addition to a server to help boost player trading or economy, or just for players to show off their nice builds. The devs and discord server is super helpful, with the owner being super kind and understanding, and helping me see past silly mistakes. The best pwarp plugin out there in my opinion ♥
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it :), thanks for the review!
  7. mistermsk
    Version: 2.9.1
    One of the best warp plugins I found. I will say it does everything I needed it to. Very happy with this. AND it works on 1.16.5. You want believe all the ones that I wanted to use that didn't work on that version. But this actually had the exact features I wanted as well. So, kudos!
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the good review :)
  8. juliojoe
    Version: 2.9.1
    I had been using this plugin on my aternos server until all of a sudden all the warps on my server had been deleted, and after remaking the warps after logging on another time my warps were gone AGAIN! This plugin was really good until these.
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      Hi juliojoe, are you sure you were running the latest version? Could you contact me on discord so I can continue to help you? My discord tag is The_King_Senne#6630, or you could message me through Spigot. Then we can check your errors and probably help you :), this is the first time I've seen this happen so I am very sorry!
  9. lp0005c
    Version: 2.8
    can l send this plugin to the China Minecraft Forum?
    l will write the download link as the purchase link on spigotmc
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      You can if you contact me on discord, The_King_Senne#6630. Then we can discuss :), thanks for the good review!
  10. Malum_In_Se
    Version: 2.7
    You can stop searching the multitude of warp plugins. Hands down, this is the one! You don't have to take my word for it, just read the commands to see what you can do. I wanted just a few things from my warps plugin: (1) no world to world teleporting so players couldn't escape the survival world, (2) private warps with the ability to trust your friends to use them, & (3) the ability to blacklist worlds, such as the survival world, so players could only set warps in the home world. This one does all of that and so much more. Other plugins, meh, waste of time.
    1. The_King_Senne
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the great review! :)