[PWarp] PlayerWarps! |GUI|EASY SET-UP|Player Warps| 3.0.1

Makes you charge players for setting a warp.

  1. Legacy support and bug fixes

    PWarp now supports conversion from legacy file. Below there will be more info on how this process works.

    New feature:
    - The plugin now supports custom player skulls as items :)

    Following bugs have been fixed:
    - GUI's didn't always close on reload
    - The plugin gave a version error for versions below 1.16.4 (this now works)
    - Unnatural enchantments caused the plugin to fail

    For legacy users:
    Make sure warps.json is either empty or does not exist. Make a backup of warps.yml and start the plugin. It will automatically convert from old to new format and remove warps.yml. In case of any problems you can contact me :)

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