PwnBuckets 1.4

Making water (and lava) behave more like... real fluids.

  1. Resolving issues with Fish Buckets bypassing source blocking.

    Fixed issues with fish buckets and 1.13 API. Note: This version is no longer backward compatible for earlier versions of Spigot server.

    • Blockfade issues with melting ice have been resolved.
    • Using fish buckets to place source blocks has been resolved.
    • No longer cancelling the emptyBucketEvent means the event finishes naturally, and there is no need to replace the itemInHand ItemStack.
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  2. Fixing a bug that allowed source pools

    Fixed a bug that allowed ice to melt and form source blocks.
  3. PwnBuckets update for Minecraft 1.13

    • Tested with Minecraft 1.13.1
    • Replaced Plugin Metrics with bStats Plugin
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  4. Update to PwnBuckets, adding some basic permissions.

    Added permissions to PwnBuckets for more customization for your server.

    description: Player will be able to use source water buckets.
    description: Player will be able to use source lava buckets.
    description: Player can use source buckets in creative mode when others cant.
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  5. Additional bugfixes

    • Added some additional bugfixes to replace the bucket in hand with and empty bucket in a separate task, so the place water event could be cancelled to prevent making source pools.
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  6. Infinite liquid bucket bugfix

    • When placing water and lava the bucket would appear empty visually but would continue to have water / lava in it.
    • Allowed the bucket empty event to continue instead of cancelling it, which appears to have fixed this issue, needs more testing.
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  7. Updating for Minecraft 1.12.2

    No changes in the plugin, just rebuilt on the latest spigot versions to insure compatibility with the latest Minecraft updates.
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  8. Fix to allow creative mode to use source buckets (configurable)

    Previously PwnBuckets blocked source water/lava from buckets entirely, then I found out I couldn't place a source in creative, so now PwnBuckets allows for a creative mode bypass which is configurable in the config.yml
  9. Updated for dual wield and 1.9

    PwnBuckets updated for minecraft 1.9.4 handling dual wield placement of water and lava buckets.
  10. Added feature for blocking water source from dispensers

    Just like water, when dispensers have a lava bucket they produce a permanent source flow, not very realistic, so this update fixes that, the lava flows out and eventually fades away