PwnChickenLay 1.9

Control what your chickens lay and how often, with per biome configuration!

  1. Fixing item spawn event error

    • Error in 1.13.x due to missing API version in plugin.yml resolved.
  2. Add &color codes to configs for special item name and item lore.

    The item name and item lore for special item drops now properly translates &color codes in the config.yml to chatcolor colors in-game.
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  3. The long awaiting update of PwnChickenLay for Minecraft 1.13

    Update includes:
    • Designed to work with Minecraft 1.13
    • Remove MCStats plugin and replace with
    • Fixed some deprecated API usage
    • Fixed broken chat color in the command messages
    Other than that, its the same great PwnChickenLay.