PwnFilter 3.9.1

Filter chat, signs, books and more. Create custom commands and lightweight scripts.

  1. SomeonePIX
    Version: 3.9.1
    Absolutley the best plugin ut please UPDATE it i love this oplugin an i use it all the time on the latest 1.12.x version
    I use version: 3.9.2-SNAPSHOT-b125
  2. FishySammich
    Version: 3.9.1
    I absolutely love the features of this plugin it is perfect for how I want to manage swearing on my server but i recently switched to bungeechat which the plugin is unable to interact with. If you are ever able to create a bungee version I would be all over that.
  3. red0fireus
    Version: 3.9.1
    You should make a Bungee-PwnFilter version that will be able to manage chat across multiple servers. I have seen some really great bungeecord messaging plugins but none of them have very good advertising protection or any kind of protection at all so its very unsafe to have a plugin to manage messaging through bungeecord. If there was a plugin like Bungee-Pwnfilter it would allow for a bungeecord network to not have to worry about people who use caps lock to much or for people who think its okay to advertise. This is just a suggestion but I think it would be a cool idea to do.
  4. sh4dow
    Version: 3.9.0
    Glad to see this back! Now people can finally start submitting great regex work for this. I might as well work on my version and share it with you guys.

    Other than that, it's very nice to see this updated! Thanks!
  5. papa230
    Version: 3.9.0-b93
    I speak french . Franchement tres bon plugin tres bien develloper merci de faire plusieur mise a jour cela me ferait plaisir :)
  6. MidnightShadow
    Version: 3.9.0-b91
    I clicked download because the bukkit version was so good. Unfortunately the server I'm on right now is using Chat Control (puke) and, I'm unable to persuade the owner into using this awesome plugin.

    Does this version support legacy rules? I can't remember who published that list on the PwnFilter bukkit forum, but it stopped everything and, I always recommend this plugin to anyone who has to deal with inappropriate chat on their servers.
    1. Sage905
      Author's Response
      Yes, this should support all the legacy rules, including the EpicATrain's massive ruleset. In 4.0, I want to include EpicATrains rules into the release, if he'll permit it. I have some ideas for a web-based utility to make editing the rulesets easier.