PwnFilter 3.9.1

Filter chat, signs, books and more. Create custom commands and lightweight scripts.

  1. Bugfixes in preparation for 3.9.0 Release

    This is probably the penultimate release before a proper 3.9.0 release. A few more changes have been made and bugs fixed. So far, no issues have been reported, and all issues were found in development testing.

    • PointManager now works.

    • The "notify" action no longer sends one message per match. Now, one message
      is sent per permission. The last match that has a notify action for any given
      permission will be the message that is sent.
    For example:

    match foo
    rule FOO The Foo rule
    then notify pwnfilter.admins Player %player% has broken %ruleid%

    match bar
    rule BAR The Bar rule
    then notify pwnfilter.admins Player %player% has broken %ruleid%

    match baz
    rule BAZ The Baz rule
    then notify pwnfilter.baz Player %player% has broken %ruleid%

    If HanzSoLow sent a message: "foo bar baz", Players with the pwnfilter.admins
    permission will receive: "Player HanzSoLow has broken BAR", and players with
    the pwnfilter.baz permission will receive "Player HanzSoLow has broken BAZ".
    Players with both permissions will receive both messages.
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