PwnPlantGrowth 2.4.0 Beta1

Biome based crop and tree grow rates with configurable fun options.

  1. PwnPlantGrowth 2.4 beta1 for MC 1.13

    An update for Minecraft version 1.13 - a heavily refactored config.yml and new event listener for kelp and chorus flower, this version is in beta.

    • Added kelp
    • Updated chorus_flower
    • Added BlockSpreadListener
    • Changed trees/structures to use the sapling type in the config for easier use
    • revamped logging
    • not tested with older versions of minecraft.
  2. PwnPlantGrowth v.2.3.0

    Version 2.3.0 Changelog

    • New feature "BiomeGroup" - the BiomeGroup is a config.yml setting that can create pre-defined groups of biomes with a common name like "GoodGrowing" in order to cut down on the amount of per-crop customization needed. See the latest config.yml to see examples.
    • New config item: log_coords - set to true along with debug_log config item in order to see the world coordinates for each growing event.
    • Modularized some functions to make more efficient.