PyAnnouncer 3

Pyannouncer is a simple announcment plugin. Perfect if you want to alert a whole server!

  1. mrbliss1
    This is a basic announcement plugin that works with bukkit 1.7.9 and is coded with python.

    1. Go to Here and install jxpl this is a required dependance for my plugin
    2. Go to here or here and after running the server once with jxpl goto plugins/jxpl/lib and place the downloaded file in there
    3. In the root folder (place where jar is) there will now be a folder called scripts.Extract the zip then place (this plugin) in there
    • Permisson node needed is "pyannouncer"
    • The only command is /pyannouncer <text>
    Reporting Bugs


Recent Updates

  1. Fixed help Command
  2. Error Catch Added