Pyrotechnics 0.2

Random fireworks on command! | EULA compliant!

  1. lmorgh
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
    lmorgh, cirano
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    This is a simple and light-weight plugin that fires randomized fireworks on command. Gather your friends and enjoy the spectacular view!


    Fires 3 volleys of 5 random fireworks around the player. The randomized attributes are: primary and fade colors, firework type, and whether it has flicker or trail applied to it, creating virtually endless combinations!

    Pyrotechnics also provides you with a way to reward your players that is EULA compliant.


    /fireworks (alias /firework or /fw)
    need permisson: pyrotechnics.fireworks

    If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let us know via the "discussion" tab on top of the resource page before making a negative review, and we will look into it ASAP.

    This plugin is being developed entirely in our free time. If you like our resource and want to show some appreciation, please consider making a small donation. It would mean a great deal.
    Thank you!


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  1. 0.2 - permission added

Recent Reviews

  1. GalaxyCloud
    Version: 0.2
    Super nice plugins works very well absolute no server lagg! Great Ressource Please keep up that nice sweet work :3
    1. lmorgh
      Author's Response
      We're glad you're satisfied with the plugin, and thanks for the review! We have some cool features planned for future releases, but currently we're focused on other projects. Stay tuned :)