Quality Armory 1.1.110C

A quality gun plugin similar to CrackShot.

  1. zombie_striker
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    [​IMG]QualityArmory is meant to be a replacement for Crackshot, as it's last released update was for 1.8. What this plugin aims to do is add guns into minecraft without affecting the base game. All 3D gun models are loaded onto select items and data values in such a way as to make sure you should never see those textures unless you are given a gun.

    1. Adds new guns, such as P30, M16, M40, MP5, AK-47, Remmington, HeneryRifle, an RPG, and many more.
    2. Does not replace existing items in the game.
    3. Built-in resoucepack distributor; players will see the guns without you needing to change your server resoucepack.
    4. Built-in auto-updater, allowing for improvements and new guns to be synched with the server on reloads.
    5. Includes an API to allow other plugins to add guns
    6. Supports 1.9 - 1.12
    7. 1.8 has some support-Due to the way this update handled textures, there are currently only 4 guns. More may be added if I can find a work around.
    • /QA give <Gun/Ammo>, gives the player the item if they have permission "qualityarmory.give"
    • /QA listItemIds: Prints out the material and data values for all items.
    • /QA craft, gives the player a gun if they have permission "qualityarmory.craft"
    • /QA reload, reloads all of the values for the plugin.
    • /QA getOpenGunSlot, Usefull for creating new guns: Shows the next open slot for the default gun type.
    Creating custom guns:
    Creating custom guns is as easy as Crackshot. To learn how to create new guns, visit the Wiki HERE.

    As much as I will try add compatibility with older updates, this may not be possible with certain features or systems. Also, due to the major changes in 1.13, existing features may not work properly in order to support the current, recommended update. Although I will still try to help as much as I can, if a certain bug is specific to an older update or fixing the bug will create other problems for new updates, I may have to let a bug exist.

    Plugins that support QualityArmory:
    • qualityarmory.*
      • Inherits qualityarmory.admin
    • qualityarmory.admin
      • qualityarmory.give
      • qualityarmory.create
      • qualityarmory.reload
      • qualityarmory.createnewitem
      • qualityarmory.getmaterialused
      • qualityarmory.debugmessages
      • qualityarmory.getopengunslot
      • Inherits quailityarmory.default
    • qualityarmory.default
      • qualityarmory.craft
      • qualityarmory.shop
      • qualityarmory.usegun
    You can view the API and how to use it here:

    I created this plugin as a simple alternative to Crackshot, and never intended on making money from it. However, if you want to support me, you can do so through Paypal (PM me for details)

    This plugin does update automatically:

    This plugin checks for updates and will download updates. If you do not want this plugin to automatically update, all you need to do is edit one line in the "plugins\AUpdater\global.yml" file. Just change the one variable in there to false (or, if you run into any problems, copy the code below)
    Code (Text):

    # Updater by ArsenArsen
    # Global config
    # Sets should updates be downloaded globaly
    update: false
    How to Install
    • Drop this plugin into you plugins folder
    • Find/Create a plugin that will allow you get to your world
    • Restart your server

Recent Updates

  1. Added debug messages for stacking ammo
  2. Fixed for random ammo slot placement.
  3. Added .50BMG round, Barett and Makarov

Recent Reviews

  1. Zendrique
    Version: 1.1.110C
    Super Plugins! Can you add a viewfinder and add French as a language?
    Because the Plugins do not support accent
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure about the "viewfinder". What is it supposed to do?

      For french accents, you will need to include apostrophes (') before and after the text, *and all cases where you have a single ' in the text needs to be double (so you would need '' to add a single ' )*.
  2. berry64
    Version: 1.1.110B
    Awesome plugin! love it. Am I allowed to decompile/recompile the plugin while adding some of my own functions?(i am currently working on vibrations and recoil systems)
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      You can decompile/make edits to it, as stated in the License.

      Also, if you do happen to make a working recoil system, could you consider making a pull request so I could add it to the core plugin?
  3. LeHuuHoa
    Version: 1.1.110
    I have a good idea for you: Stop making new guns, make new sounds .
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      I am open for new models or sounds. Its just hard to find good quality sounds, and harder to find sounds that match a specific gun type that are unique enough to add (you don't want to have a dozen of similar sounds, especially since sound files are the largest filetype for resourcepacks). If you happen to have / know of a place with good gun sounds, I would be happy to add them to QA.
  4. HieuTrung1109
    Version: 1.1.110
    "Quality Plugin" !
    this plugin is very good in my opinion :D
    but i think you shoud add "recoil" to guns, it makes the player's head shaking a little when firing to make it more realistic and players will feel like they are playing with the normal gun gameplay as we can see on CS:GO

    (sorry my English is bad :v)
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      Currently, there is no good way to change the direction the player is looking. Once I can figure out a smooth way to alter the direction of the player's head, a better recoil system will be added.
  5. MR_Asshole
    Version: 1.1.110
    Can u fix this bug
    If we select a bullet and shift + left click on another in 1 to 5 in bag, it will appear another in hat or foot. => Free bullet
    i'm bad at english :v
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      Currently, QA does not have any code that affects feet. This is most likely a conflict with another plugin. Could you try replicating the problem on a test server (with no other plugins) to verify that the problem is caused by QA?
  6. ghhghg
    Version: 1.1.110
    This is a great plugin.
    But I hope you will make the resource pack to more beautiful.
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      That is something I try to do. It takes a lot of effort into recreating models only using small cubes and low-poly textures (which are required to keep the file sizes reasonable).

      If anyone is interested in recreating or editing the models, feel free to post them and they may be added to QA.
  7. SrSammyi
    Version: 1.1.109e
    Para la 1.13 se ven como hachas y no con la textura del arma! :,v
    Por favor solucion!
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      Are you accepting QA's resourcepack? If you have a server-resourcepack already set, you will either need use /qa getResourcepack to download the resourcepack manually, or download the resourcepack and add the contents of the resoucepack into your server-resourcepack.
      ¿Estás aceptando el paquete de recursos de QA? Si tiene un paquete de recursos de servidor ya configurado, necesitará usar / qa getResourcepack para descargar el paquete de recursos manualmente, o descargue el paquete de recursos y agregue los contenidos del paquete de recursos en su paquete de recursos del servidor..
  8. EnityStaller
    Version: 1.1.109e
    Good plugins for my project :)
    Tks for your plugins
    Keep work :)
    5 star
  9. prodigyrick
    Version: 1.1.109c
    Sure this is suppose to say Sulfer and not Gunpowder? I was baffled at first unless you plan on messing isotopes?
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      Sulfur is the Spigot name for gunpowder for versions 1.12 and lower. Spigot corrected the name in 1.13, so once 1.13 is stable, you should update your server to fix this issue.
  10. LeHuuHoa
    Version: 1.1.109b
    Good plugin! Friendly support! Surely 5 stars .