Quality Armory 1.1.135

A quality gun plugin similar to CrackShot.

  1. zombie_striker
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    [!] I will not respond to bug fixes in the review section.[!]
    If you are experiencing a problem with QA, please report this issue in the Discussions tab or the Github page, including any errors you recieve and whether you tried it on a clean server (with no other plugins installed). I will not respond to issues in the review section, so don't use it as a way to try to get faster responses.

    QualityArmory is meant to be a replacement for Crackshot, as it's last released update was for 1.8. What this plugin aims to do is add guns into minecraft without affecting the base game. All 3D gun models are loaded onto select items and data values in such a way as to make sure you should never see those textures unless you are given a gun.

    The resourcepack is included in the core plugin, and can be configured in the config if needed:
    By default, the resourcepack is sent when the player uses a /qa command, or when they interact with a custom item. These values are configurable in the config; The resourcepack can be disabled (useDefaultResourcepack), can be set to be sent when the player joins (sendOnJoin), or can even be overriden with a custom resourcepack (setting DefaultResourcepackOverride to true(so that QA knows its a custom url), and DefaultResourcepack to the URL of the resourcepack)

    Crackshot support/conversion:
    QualityArmory now supports crackshot weapons conversions. Drop the weapon configs for crackshot in the /newguns/ directory and reload to have QA convert the weapons. All crackshot weapons will now have a corresponding yml file for QA.

    1. Adds new guns, such as P30, M16, M40, MP5, AK-47, Remmington, HeneryRifle, an RPG, and many, many, many more.
    2. Does not replace existing items in the game.
    3. Built-in resoucepack distributor; players will see the guns without you needing to change your server resoucepack.
    4. Built-in auto-updater, allowing for improvements and new guns to be synched with the server on reloads.
    5. Includes an API to allow other plugins to add guns
    6. Supports 1.9 - 1.12
    7. 1.8 has some support-Due to the way this update handled textures, there are currently only 7 guns. More may be added if I can find a work around.
    • /QA give <Gun/Ammo>, gives the player the item if they have permission "qualityarmory.give"
    • /QA craft, allows players to be able to craft guns if they have permission "qualityarmory.craft"
    • /QA shop, allows players to open up the gun shops if they have permission "qualityarmory.shop"
    • /QA reload, reloads all of the values for the plugin.
    Creating/editing guns:
    Creating custom guns is as easy as Crackshot. To learn how to create new guns, visit the Wiki HERE.

    Also note that if you want to change any of the settings for any of the default guns, you will need to set "allowUserModifications" to true. This setting lets QA know that it should not try to update these files if there are any changes.

    Plugins that support QualityArmory:
    • qualityarmory.*
      • Inherits qualityarmory.admin
    • qualityarmory.admin
      • qualityarmory.give
      • qualityarmory.create
      • qualityarmory.reload
      • qualityarmory.createnewitem
      • qualityarmory.getmaterialused
      • qualityarmory.debugmessages
      • qualityarmory.getopengunslot
      • Inherits quailityarmory.default
    • qualityarmory.default
      • qualityarmory.craft
      • qualityarmory.shop
      • qualityarmory.usegun
    You can view the API and how to use it here:


    I created this plugin as a simple alternative to Crackshot, and never intended on making money from it. However, if you want to support me, you can do so through Paypal (PM me for details)

    This plugin does update automatically:

    This plugin checks for updates and will download updates. If you do not want this plugin to automatically update, all you need to do is edit one line in the "plugins\AUpdater\global.yml" file. Just change the one variable in there to false (or, if you run into any problems, copy the code below)
    Code (Text):

    # Updater by ArsenArsen
    # Global config
    # Sets should updates be downloaded globaly
    update: false
    How to Install
    • Drop this plugin into you plugins folder
    • Find/Create a plugin that will allow you get to your world
    • Restart your server

Recent Reviews

  1. Zendrique
    Version: 1.1.135
    good plugins !!!!!!!!!!
    it would be possible to be able to use MySQL for use on several servers
  2. MineCraftDirt
    Version: 1.1.135
    Great, can you join the destruction of terrain? This will be very real,I like this plugin !!!
  3. MCuser
    Version: 1.1.135
    This is an excellent plugin for a survival server.
    It is very easy to understand what needs to be done to buy a gun.
    Within 5 minutes of installing the plugin everyone had figured out what to do to buy a gun.
    This plugin is way better than CrackShot.
  4. Masowskyy
    Version: 1.1.134b
    Ill be honest. Crackshot is dead. And Crackshot Plus costs money. We need to move on. R.I.P Crackshot [*] . Exellent Plugin. Im sorry that i was sceptic to it. i hope you kep up the god work.
  5. IT_CHI
    Version: 1.1.134b
    i like your all updates but your update today that's i wish to add love it so much. Added /qa drop <item> <x> <y> <z> <optional: world>
    love your plugins 101%
  6. iBlowUpCreepers
    Version: 1.1.133
    Great Plugin! However I can't find the documentation for how to get this plugin to work with MythicMobs anywhere on the qualityArmory Wiki or the MythicMobs Wiki, it's extremely well developed but I really need that feature. Any way you could link me or help me out? @Author
  7. youri24310_1
    Version: 1.1.133
    Could you please add: Like if im running that i could change texture to like push it to the body so it feels more realistic! But the rest is fairly nice
  8. bibe123
    Version: 1.1.133
    1 bullet = dead [wtf gun]
    Quit the resourcepack bullet or make a new bullet
    This bullet line makes fps drop
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      1. Headshots are instant-kill by default. You can disable this option in the config.
      2. Certain guns have higher damage by default (like sniper rifles and the .50 cal). If you feel certain guns are too powerful, you can reduce the damage of the gun in the gun's yml file (remember to set AllowUserUpdates to true before making changes, or else they won't be applied).
      3. I'm not sure what the second line is supposed to mean.
      4. If you're computer is having difficulties rendering all the particles, you can increase "BulletTrailsSpacing" to reduce the amount of particles spawned. Currently, it is every 0.5 blocks by default. Try increasing it to 2 or 3 and see if that helps.
  9. Starkillerv1
    Version: 1.1.133
    The best weapons plugin!
    Great work bro :D
  10. iamzsm1
    Version: 1.1.132b
    It's a fun plugin that can make any server unique. The only issue is one more visual error the I personally don't like. When you left click to shoot, it makes the animation like any other item. Like how you slam it down. Other than that, its a great plugin