Quantum | Modern /wild & Random Spawn | RTP, reimagined v1.4.4

An insanely efficient and configurable RTP suite for 1.17

  1. kscott
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    • 1.17
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    English by default, configurable using lang.conf

    Quantum is a new RTP suite for modern Minecraft. Not only does Quantum feature /wild and random spawn functionality, it is developed API-first, meaning you can use Quantum as an API in your pre-existing plugins.
    NEW: Read the Quantum Getting Started guide!

    Quantum was developed with the intention of being a one-size-fits-all API for any plugin requiring random locations. Quantum doesn't have any user-facing functionality on its own, but Quantum comes bundled with two optional modules: QuantumWild and QuantumSpawn.

    You might be wondering, what makes Quantum so special? Instead of an RTP plugin providing configuration options for various spawning conditions (i.e. "prevent-spawns-on-water"), Quantum uses "rules" to define a valid spawn location.

    This means that with Quantum, you can generate locations that conform to your specific criteria. For example, you can generate random locations that:
    • are never on water
    • are never on lava
    • are always near a sheep
    • are always in forest biomes
    • are never in the "spawn" WorldGuard regions
    • are never in FactionsUUID claims
    This advanced functionality means that you're never going to be limited via what configuration options a plugin developer provides for you - the location generation algorithm is entirely in your control.

    Enough about Quantum, here's some info about the modules.


    NEW! QuantumWild now has /wild <world> and /wild <player> commands.

    is a replication of /wild plugins using the Quantum API. With QuantumWild, you can have different rulesets per world (yes, this means Nether and End support), cooldowns per world and per rank (integrates with LuckPerms meta - read more here), Essentials-style warmups (and full EssentialsX integration - read more here), and a lot more. QuantumWild has a lot more features, and more are constantly being added. Read through the QuantumWild wiki page to learn more.

    Please note, configuring QuantumWild is unlike configuring other /wild plugins. To get the most of out QuantumWild, you will need to configure QuantumAPI's rulesets (via QuantumAPI/config.conf), then tell QuantumWild to use those rulesets (via QuantumWild/config.conf). If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord server.

    QuantumSpawn is a simple Quantum module that allows you to give players random spawns on join (both first join and all subsequent joins - configurable), and on death. Check the configuration for more information.

    Thanks for taking the time to read through this post. Hopefully you have a better idea of why Quantum is the right choice for your server. If you have any more questions, need help with configuration, or just wanna chat, feel free to join my Discord server.


Recent Updates

  1. v1.4.4 - 1.17 Support
  2. v1.4.3
  3. v1.4.2 - FactionsUUID

Recent Reviews

  1. hanktnt
    Version: v1.4.3
    nice devloper fast support
    must have for some survival server if you do not have lobby
  2. ocelotpotpie
    Version: v1.1.1
    Quantum is awesome. QuantumSpawn and QuantumWild are definitely best in class! Can't wait for more features.
  3. Aberdeener
    Version: 1.1.0
    easy to use and great support. the luckperms integration is helpful. causes little to no lag as it is almost all async. thanks bluely!
    1. kscott