QuarryCraft 1.4.1

Adds a Classic/Ender Quarry to Minecraft 1.13, 1.14 and 1.15

  1. nullbyte001

    Note: This will work on both 1.13 and 1.14 servers. (It works on 1.15 as well according to a comment on my youtube video, however I have not personally tested it on 1.15)

    quarrycraft.use: (Default: true) Allows players to use quarries
    quarrycraft.useall: (Default: false) Allows players to use everyone's quarries
    quarrycraft.buildquarries: (Default: true) Allows players to create quarries

    Most recent changes:

    Made more compatible with WorldGuard and GriefPrevention. (You do not need WorldGuard or GriefPrevention to use this plugin)

    In the config you will find these new options related to WorldGuard:
    do-worldguard-protection ( This can be true or false. Will determine whether or not you want quarries to consider protection from worldguard. Default: true)
    max-worldguard-y-check (Max height quarries will look at for WorldGuard protection. Default: 100)
    min-worldguard-y-check (Min height quarries will look at for WorldGuard protection. Default: 20).

    Configurable Messages
    Run the server atleast once with the plugin installed, or type /quarrycraft reload to reload the config and messages files. This will generate the QuarryCraft/config and QuarryCraft/messages files. You can customise the plugin's messages by editing the QuarryCraft/messages.conf file.

    The QuarryCraft/config.conf file can be edited to change stuff like quarry size, enable/disable welcome messages, quarries per person limits etc. If you update to a new version, I suggest deleting the old config file before running to generate the newer config options if there are any.

    QuarryCraft Guide

    Making the quarry

    Firstly, place down a chest one block above the level at which you want to start mining.

    Screenshot (139).png

    Then place a diamond block against each side face of the chest to get a cross.

    Screenshot (140).png

    Next, fill the 4 open corners with redstone blocks.

    Screenshot (141).png

    Next, you may place iron bars heading staight out in the north,south, west and/or east direction. Starting from the side of each diamond block.

    Screenshot (142).png

    The 2 longest perpendicular bars will be used to determine the area which your quarry will mine.

    Now shift-left click the chest in the centre.

    Screenshot (143).png

    It will complain that there is no fuel. You can use charcoal, coal, or redstone as fuel. Charcoal is the least efficient, while the next are twice as efficient as the previous. coal blocks and redstone blocks may also be used. This is equivalent to 9 coal or 9 redstone dust. Place them in this centre chest

    Here is a summary of the energy provided by each material:

    Charcoal - 25 Energy

    Coal - 50 Energy

    Redstone - 100 Energy

    Coal Block - 450 Energy

    Redstone Block - 900 Energy

    The quarry will consume energy equivalent to the hardness value of each block it mines.

    Next, you will need storage for the mined items.

    Simply place chests or double chests anywhere along the iron bars (They must be touching the sides of the iron bars).


    The quarry will then begin to mine from 1 y-level below its glass platform.

    Screenshot (152).png

    Mining Modes

    Shift-left-click your centre chest to toggle between classic and ender mining. Ender mining will cost 50 times as much as classic mining, however it will not mine stone, dirt, or grass. Ender mining can also place dirt blocks in place of the blocks it mines to avoid holes in the ground. See the nether star modifier below.

    Screenshot (153).png


    Place a chest on any of the redstone corners.

    Screenshot (148).png

    Then you can place either emerald blocks, diamond blocks, or a nether star in that chest above the redstone.

    Summary of modifiers:

    Emerald Blocks- Reduce mining delay by 1 tick for every 4 emerald blocks. Max is 76 emerald blocks.

    Diamond Blocks - Increases the number of blocks mined at a time by 1 for every diamond block. Max is 36 diamond blocks.

    Gold Blocks - Increases the efficiency of the quarry. Max is about 99% efficiency at 100 gold blocks.

    Nether Star - Place a single nether star in a chest above the redstone to enable dirt block replacements for mined blocks in the ender mining mode.

    Block Filters

    Place a shulker shell on any of the redstone corners. Then place blocks you want to void into the shulker shell. The quarry will still mine all the blocks it usually does and use the same energy, but it will save you space so your chests won't be full of blocks you don't want.

    Screenshot (149).png

    Viewing the current y-level the quarry is mining on

    Sneak right click the centre chest to find out how far down the quarry is mining at the moment.

    Resetting the current y-level to the top

    If, for whatever reason, you want the quarry to restart mining at the top. Sneak left click one of the 4 diamond blocks around the centre chest. It will start mining at the top(given that there are now blocks at the top that you want mined)

    Pausing the quarry

    If you need to pause your quarry, simply left click one of its 4 diamond block with an empty hand.

    Quarry Protection

    Your entire quarry's area is protected from intereraction/block breaking from other players.

    You may not monetise this plugin! I made this plugin to be free.
    Do not claim that this is your plugin.
    If you make any modifications to this, give me credit for the original work.
    If you find any bugs, let me know!


    I will gladly take your suggestions if I think it will be useful to a lot of people or if it makes sense.


    If you really like this plugin then feel free to donate!




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Recent Reviews

  1. Skyslycer88
    Version: 1.4.1
    WOW! JUST WOW! It works even in 1.16.5 PaperMC! Good jobb my guy. If i had moeny i would donate you!
  2. M7MDx7
    Version: 1.4.1
    this is a great plugin, I use it on a 1.16.4 server and it works perfectly except for the permissions. I don't know how to use them. so if you're reading this please help and thanks
  3. I_Need_A_Name121
    Version: 1.4.1
    Amazing plugin! very underrated, sad because i wanna add itto an aternos server but it "isnt popular enough"
  4. Ikonyx
    Version: 1.4.1
    Its great i love it! Although when clearing out spaces in the nether i wish there was a way to remove the lava or water if mining in the overworld
  5. doldol00
    Version: 1.4.1
    Can you please update and optimize for 1.16.1/2
    Thx (this is just filler words/characters)
  6. GranpaGamer
    Version: 1.4.1
    really love this plugin but would like to be able to set the depth of the quarry so you can have onlt go down to a certain level then it stops instead of going all the way to bedrock or have to watch it and pause when it gets to desired level.
  7. dinoboss2001
    Version: 1.0
    plis aƱadir un permiso para que la hagan y un permiso que de limite a cuantas tiene echas xd
    1. nullbyte001
      Author's Response

      Thanks for the review!

      I will add these permissions and the limit in the next update
  8. ImNoDev
    Version: 0.9
    This is an amazing plugin! Please make more content like this. You should try and recreate a lot of items from tekkit classic 1.2.5 into normal mc. Honestly this is amazing. Only thing I can think of is a permission that allows admins to go into other peoples quarrys and having a friend/trust system to allow friends to use other peoples quarries. Also maybe add it so we can place chests on the top of the iron bars so we can put hoppers on it to suck out the items. Also add currency upgrades so players can expand on the speed and everything else while purchasing this. Also you could make a custom item that can have a preset quarry and have users place that and have them expand it how ever they want ALSO! ADD A GUIDE! like an in game guide. I've just been explaining to my players how to do it and I plan on using another plugin for a guide. So maybe have /quarry guide which gives them a book so they know what to do that'd be great!

    thank you for all your hard work! honestly amazing plugin!
    1. nullbyte001
      Author's Response
      Thanks man! Yeah I sure will try to create more stuff like this.

      Will also give admins access to all quarries that makes sense. In case maybe they need to switch off someones quarry for whatever reason.

      I will add an in-game guide, didn't actually think of that.

      I might make it so that you can place a written book into the upgrade chest with all the names of the people you trust to allow for interactions and using the quarry.

      The preset quarry sounds like a good idea, I'll look into that a bit later on.

      Please elaborate on the currency part. I mean they can use the emerald and diamond blocks for the speed upgrades. Or are you referring to integration with some economy plugin?

      Will definitely allow for chests to be placed on top of the iron bars. (Directly above it makes sense I think, so that it is touching the iron bars).

      Thanks for the feedback!