QuarryCraft 1.4.1

Adds a Classic/Ender Quarry to Minecraft 1.13 and 1.14.

  1. Please do not claim this plugin to be your own

    I just found this...
  2. QuarryCraft

    Quarries can no longer be built over GriefPrevention claimed areas.

    Fixed small bug with platoform skipping 1 row when toggling ender quarry
  3. QuarryCraft

    Made more compatible with WorldGuard. (You do not need WorldGuard to use this plugin)

    In the config you will find these new options related to WorldGuard:
    do-worldguard-protection ( This can be true or false. Will determine whether or not you want quarries to consider protection from worldguard. Default: true)
    max-worldguard-y-check (Max height quarries will look at for WorldGuard protection. Default: 100)
    min-worldguard-y-check (Min height quarries will look at for WorldGuard protection....
  4. QuarryCraft

    Fixed a small issue with the config and messages file not being generated on first run.

    Also allowed for this to work on 1.13 servers.
  5. QuarryCraft

    Added configurable messages. Edit them in QuarryCraft/messages.conf after running the server atleast once with this version.

    You can also use /quarrycraft reload to reload the messages and config while the server is running
  6. QuarryCraft

    Added a permission:

    quarrycraft.use - This will determine whether a player will be able to interact with their own quarries
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  7. QuarryCraft

    Added a configurable cooldown to the /quarrycraft guide command

    QuarryCraft welcome messages can be disabled in the config

    Permission to use all quarries can be given with the permission quarrycraft.useall

    Worldguard and other protection plugin integration still not implemented
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  8. QuarryCraft

    Disabled pistons within a larger area of the quarries to prevent pushing glass out to get unlimited glass

    Added a permission: quarrycraft.buildquarries
    This will determine whether or not players can build quarries

    Also added a config file to set quarry size limits, and also a limit to the number of quarries per player

    I will work on getting this to work with worldguard etc in the next update, and will also add a cooldown to the /quarrycraft guide.

    Player join message configuration will...
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  9. QuarryCraft

    - Fixed quarry intersection checking

    - Fixed small issue with guide book contents page (Throw away the old ones if you got the old one)
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  10. QuarryCraft

    Server OP's can now interact with and use all quarries.

    Added a guide book - Type "/quarrycraft guide" to get one. (Players are told this upon joining the server)

    Chests can now also be placed on top of the iron bars (They must be directly above the iron bars, if you'd like to use hoppers to extract items you'll probably want to make it a double chest to reach the bottom).
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