Quartiers - Autofilling chests plugin 1.0

Allows you to fill a chest with a custom amount of custom ressources each custom time. CUSTOM.

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    • 1.16
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    Here is a basic plugin that allows you to autofill a chest easily (only with given items). There's some things you have to know about how it does work before to use it :

    Basic commands of the plugin

    /quartierscreate area_name item/block amount <x> <y> <z> time

    This command allows you to create a resources generator named with the area_name, autofilled with an item/block, at the coordinates x y z, filling itself each "time" ticks. Time isn't a value that you have to set, but as it can still be useful, I decided to add it in the command. Default time value is 1 hour, 72000 ticks.

    Warning : You have to be in the same world than the chest you are focusing with the command, or it wont work.


    Allows you to reload entirely files from the config folder (plugins/Quartiers/Generators).


    List all the resources generator that are defined, shows enabled resources generators in green and disabled resources generators in red.

    /quartiersenable area_name

    Enable a generator which is disabled.

    /quartiersdisable area_name

    Disable a generator which is disabled

    Warning : Each time you'll use one of these commands, it will reset the tick count you've set for all your generators. So please make sure to avoid using these commands too much for long time generators.

    Video : How does it works ?


    Once the plugin is installed, a folder "Quartiers" will be generated directly in the plugins folder. Inside of it, you'll find a config.yml with an example and some things to know to create a generator manually. Once you've created a generator, you will have a new "Generators" folder. You will find every generator inside of it.

    You also have to know that you can't place two generators with the same name or in the same chest. At least for now. If needed this can still be modified.To avoid all glitches, you also can't place one generator next to another one (you need one block between them).

    Here is this config file, only basic stuff :

    Code (YAML):
    #Here is an exemple of how to create a generator
    #Please notice that you HAVE to name the file with the AREA value. The file here would be named Blacksmith.yml
    #This means that you must have one config file per generator
    #area: Blacksmith
    # material: STONE
    # x: '0'
    # y: '100'
    # z: '0'
    # world: world
    # amount: '1'
    # time: '72000'
    # isEnabled : 1
    # 72000 is the default value, 72000 ticks equals to 1 hour

    There's mainly one permission you need since it is almost like giving stuff :
    quartiers.* - gives you all the permissions from the plugin
    quartiers.create - gives you permission to create a generator
    quartiers.reload - allows you to reload the config file (which is useless for now)
    quartiers.enable - allows you to enable a generator
    quartiers.list - allows you to list built generators
    quartiers.disable - allows you to disable a generator

    Hope this could help someone. I personnaly use this plugin on a faction server as this can be used to push people to claim lands and get other faction's generators. But you could probably use it for tons of stuff. Feel free to contact me on discord : Grand Tacos#6007
    I'll be glad to know if you use my plugin, so please let a comment below if you do. Or PM me. That will make me really happy. Even if a plugin like that probably does already exists.

    Please feel free to do a good PR on github.

    Sorry if my english isn't perfect, this is not my native language.


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