Quest Jobs 1.8

Yet another questing plugin, but different!

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    QuestJobs - Questing Done Right!

    Version 1.5 adds support for multiple tasks and rewards per quest. This means that quest files created with older versions will no longer be usable from this version on. You will have to recreate your quests if you want to use them with this version.
    You are free to continue using your current version, but all future updates will depend on this one.

    Version 1.7

    Added first config support for the plugin. This also fixes the incidental config load of the SlimeFun plugin.
    Therefore, please delete the previous config file you had for QuestJobs. It is invalid.

    Any suggestions or thoughts, or bugs you find, let me know in the discussion section!

    Noteworthy Features

    • Quest creation through an external GUI tool
    • Multiple tasks and rewards per quest
    • Titles and Subtitles for important events
    • In-game inventory UI for quest log
    • Accept quests through signs
    • Manage all quests with the /quest command
    • Support for multiple reward types
    • Support for multiple task types
    • Killing mobs
    • Collecting items
    • Mining blocks
    • Travelling to different worlds
    • Talking to Cititzens NPCs


    • Items
    • Experience points
    • Money for economy plugins
    • Permissions
    • Slimefun custom items

    For Rewards and Tasks where the amount variable doesn't make sense, like the permissions reward or the npc talk to task, you can put any number in the amount field.

    Slimefun rewards

    The name of the item is in the form of AAA_BBB_CCC (caps insensitive).
    For example, to give a steel jetpack to a player, the reward would be: "Steel_Jetpack"

    Config Options

    • Clear Complete - Allows clearing and abandoning complete quests. *Repeatable quests are not considered complete.
    • questjobs.create - Allows creating quest signs for users to accept quests.
    I am constantly working on adding new reward and task types, as well as new quest features, such as repeatable quests. If you wish to see a certain feature, let me know, and I'll get to it!

    Quest Jobs is a remake of a plugin I have started making a few years back for Bukkit called QuestBoard.
    Unfortunately, due to lack of time and the experience in programming, I never got to finish the plugin.
    Now that I am studying game engineering, QuestBoard comes back as QuestJobs!

    In this plugin you are able to create various tasks that the players have to perform, and reward them for it. For example, you can create a quest where the player has to walk around and hunt for 10 zombies, and then he will receive 25 diamonds or maybe 150 experience points.

    User Interface
    The user interface for the plugin is nice and easy to use!
    The server ops or anyone with the 'questjobs.create' permission needs to place a sign.
    Then, somewhere in the first line add the character # followed by the ID of the quest that he would like the sign to represent.

    For example:

    As long as the first line contains the # character and the ID of the quest, you can put any other words anywhere on the sign.
    Also, as you can see, you can have multiple signs representing the same quest. That means you can place signs for the same quest in different locations in the world.

    The user can see their quest log with all their accepted quests by typing:
    /quest or /quest show
    This will open an inventory with books, each per accepted quest.
    The book contains the description of the quest and the current progress.

    You can also abandon all quests or abandon a specific quest.
    All of this is described in the help command of the plugin, accessible via /quest help


    • quest - Shows the quest log with all the active quests
    • quest show - Same as above.
    • quest show complete - Shows the quest log with all the active and complete quests.
    • quest abandon [ID/Name] - Abandons a quest with the ID or name provided. Does not allow abandoning complete quests if the config is set to false.
    • quest clear - Clears the quest log. Does not clear complete quests if the config is set to false.
    • quest help - shows a help message with all the commands.

    Creating quests is more fun!
    By double clicking on the plugin's jar file, a GUI will open:

    and here you can edit or create new quests for the plugin!

    Some in-game images of the current version of the plugin:

    User Experience:

    On-join quest progress announcement:

    The quest log:

    A test quest:

    On quest completion:

    Economy quest rewards:

    Quest progress tracking:
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Recent Updates

  1. Commands
  2. Bug Fixing
  3. UI Improvements and fixes. Also .. configs!

Recent Reviews

  1. skilledpt
    Version: 1.8
    Nice one, can you add command quest join id?
  2. Latamier
    Version: 1.6.3
    Best quest plug in I have ever tried. Very active author that actually reads and answers to comments, questions and ideas. No reason this isn't 5 stars.
    1. 123099
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind review!
      I always try my best to give the people what they would like to see in a plugin :)
  3. SkeletonFarts
    Version: 1.6.1
    good job plugin..............................but i cant use this plugins.............. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?
    1. 123099
      Author's Response
      Hi, thank you for your message.
      If you cannot use your plugin, you would need to tell me what problem exactly you are having with it so that I could help
  4. SkylordDuck
    Version: 1.4
    I have just briefly used this but I really like it!

    I am however a little confused by the quest creator application (which truly is a great addition) ,I am not sure what to put for the "Quest Giver" part.
    1. 123099
      Author's Response
      I am glad you are enjoying the plugin!
      The quest giver is just a name of the person who is supposedly giving the quest. This will be used in the author of the book in the quest log.
      You could put whatever you like in there, for example Barack Obama or Jack from the Farm