Quests [1.8-1.17] | Set up goals for players 3.9.1

Allow your players to do quests in return for rewards

  1. LMBishop
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    All by self-translation
    Create goals for your players

    Quests supports all major versions from Minecraft, starting from 1.8.

    Quests is full of features for you to play with, you can create any type of quest you need. Each quest can have multiple tasks, which the player must complete before the quest is complete. The player can be rewarded for completing the quests, giving the player something to work towards. All of this and the below for free, forever!
    • A complex quest system
    • Many different task types to choose from (30+ - click here)
      • Including a PlaceholderAPI task type to effectively integrate with every plugin
    • Quest GUI interface
    • Categories for quests
    • Requirements for quests (to allow quest stages/quest lines)
    • Cooldowns for quests
    • PlaceholderAPI integration
    • Customisation of every aspect of the plugin
    • Support for flatfile & MySQL storage
    • Developer API (custom task types etc)
    Commands & permissions
    This information has been moved here:


    Please make sure you are using Java 8. Install this on your server by adding the downloaded file to the /plugins folder. Make sure to RESTART the server (do not reload!) and Quests should load.
    Default configuration
    See: this page
    Creating a quest
    See: this page
    Allowed task types
    See: this page
    Set up instructons for task types
    See: this page

    Video guides

    These guides are unofficial and may not be up to date.

    Quests has been using bStats to keep data about how the plugin is used. This data is anonymously sent and has no way to be traced back to you. Metrics can be disabled by disabling it in the bStats configuration.

    Quests has been using bStats to keep data since version 2.0.0-beta (18th April 2018). Metrics data can be found here:


    You can contribute to the project by contributing code to the public repository. If you are contributing code, you also agree that you grant us the rights to your code.

    The source code can be found here:

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Recent Reviews

  1. jacob123
    Version: 3.9.1
    I love the functionalities of this plugin and the plugin has an API.
    But the support is so freaking bad!
    On their discord server I didn't get any support, and through Github I first get a reaction and then after, he doesn't respond anymore.
  2. LeadsYouLonely
    Version: 3.9.1
    expearn is broken.
    progress doesnt work.
    expearn quest doesnt work.
    are you able to fix this problem?

    Thanks for making this plugin for free.
  3. Nexz_
    Version: 3.9.1
    This plugin is very good. if you can add the daily quest feature for placeholder value type quests. like the Daily quest in hypixel.
  4. TuNeeee
    Version: 3.9
    The plugin is really good, and it would be better if linked with WildStacker. The mobs stack from wildstacker isn't recognized by quest :(
  5. Selfoccate
    Version: 3.9
    The plugin is really good, however the support is, well, there isn't much support. I've asked a few questions in the Discord, and have had no response.

    The plugin is really great, and the documentation is good too, there's just a few problems that I can't really get help with.

    I would rate 3.5/5, but I can't, so I rounded up
  6. KhrysAK47
    Version: 3.9
    Hello there, I am really confused with the latest updates and I have no way of contacting you directly other than Github (really delayed).

    Some time ago I reported this issue but it seems like it still persists on latest versions, are you sure you have implemented the fix for it?

    Thanks in advance.
    1. LMBishop
      Author's Response
      reviews aren't a place to ask questions, there is no capacity for two-way conversation in them
  7. PaintLove
    Version: 3.8
    I operate a small survival server and I love how simple it is to use and the option for players to either participate in the quest or not and just do plain survival. Makes the game more fun for those who want more than just simple survival. Thanks and can't wait for updates!
  8. Venserpolder
    Version: 3.8
    Pretty much the best Quest plugin out there. Any chance you could add something like mid-rewards? Let's say: Talk to NPC 1 to start the Quest, and get an Item at the beginning to bring it to NPC 2 to complete the Quest
  9. Hypnamed
    Version: 3.7
    It's a nice plugin, but features such as expanding the task menu and spacing should be added.
  10. ADNeu
    Version: 3.6.2
    super plugin just no / quests reload? Because I still have to restart any changes I make to the plugin!
    1. LMBishop
      Author's Response
      /q a reload