Quests 3.9.4

An extensive questing system

  1. Kitten Update


    Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a cat? To be endlessely adored, permitted to take naps at your own leisure, and served regular helpings of free fish and cheeseburger? Well, now you can find out!

    A new Consume Item objective is meow available, as well as the addition of LOLCAT (en-lol) as a supported language. DungeonsXL integration has been updated...
  2. Jargon Update

    Support for Denizen 1.1.3+ is now included. Compatibility with recent builds of DungeonsXL 0.18 replaces support for older versions. Module users will need to update that as well. Other highlights include corrected translation of some entity and material names and a few bug fixes for...
  3. Inaudible Update

    Bug fix updates tend to be underwhelming, and this time is no exception. Users will see improved performance of the /questadmin reload command on servers with lots of quests. An issue with the accuracy of Planner cooldowns and repeat-cycles has been resolved, and so they may need to be re-adjusted in the editor.

    QuestsGUI (premium) has been updated with new...
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  4. Herobrine Update


    This update adds bizarre new worlds from the latest Minecraft 1.16 snapshot into your server! Click on any Portal with the Quest Journal to instantly whisk the player away to uncharted territory. Your randomly-generated world may include all-new blocks, pleasant (or vicious) fairies and dragons, and the introduction of long-rumored Herobrine! As usual, please report any issues on...
  5. Gaaf Update

    DO THE FIVE. Help stop coronavirus​

    A new quests.compass permission is required in order to track objectives using a Compass, which players can now right-click on to select another quest, or left-click to reset. Editors can now set text overrides for rewards and requirements. As such, command-specific overrides can no longer be set, however, existing ones will continue to work as expected. The...
  6. Fortune Update

    We're feeling very fortunate to announce that Quests is now available in Traditional Chinese, completed less than a month after the debut of Simplified Chinese in the Command Update! Enormous thanks to user @AobiYT for performing roughly 70% of the localization. What a legend!

    QuestsGUI (premium) has been updated with new features! Check out the changelog...
  7. Endearing Update

    Quests updates are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get! In this case, it's just a few bug fixes and auto-sorting your Quest Journal from A-Z. We hope your Valentine's Day was a memorable one!

    QuestsGUI (premium) has been updated with new features! Check out the changelog here.

    This version's updates include:
    • ...
  8. Developer Update

    Developers: Breaking changes have been made to the API. Several classes have been refactored and most deprecated methods removed. Please ensure that your projects are compatible with this release, and direct all questions and concerns to the Github issue tracker.

    Mostly bug fixes for this release! The loading of sheep-shearing objectives has been corrected and it is no longer possible to place the Quests Journal in Lecterns on MC...
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  9. Command Update

    Just-in-time for the Lunar New Year, we're proud to announce that Quests is now available in Simplified Chinese! This update also features a new cow-milking objective, as well as performance improvements for select commands. Furthermore, most /questadmin commands may now be run using players' UUIDs. This allows administrators to progress quest data even when players are offline. You can convert a player name to their UUID using a website such as this...
  10. Better Update

    Support for Denizen 1.1.1+ is now included, as well as a fix for scripts as actions causing a minor error on fresh installations. If you're looking for some interesting Denizen scripts to try, check out this project (not sponsored). Translation of enchantment names has been improved, most notably for MC 1.13 and up....