Queue - Waiting list system 1.5.0

Simple waiting list system

  1. [1.5.0] News features

    • Addition of the command /queue speed - Change the speed of the queue.
    • Add the command /gwhitelist add/remove - Allows to add or remove a player from the priority queue
    • Modification of the player distribution system when the main server shuts down
    • Addition of the distribution of players to the connection between the different servers
  2. [1.4.2]

    • Addition of the ``/list`` command to have information on the number of players per server
    Code (Text):

    "useCustomListCommand": true,
    "listCommandCooldown": "§cVous §cdevez §cattendre §6%s §cavant §cde §cfaire §ccette §ccommande.",
    "networkListMessage": "§f§l> §6Network §8» §b%s §ejoueurs",
    "serverListMessage": "§f§l> §6%name% §8» §b%online% §ejoueurs"
    • Adding a default server when another server crashes
    Code (Text):

    "useKickDefaultServer": true,...