QueueCommands 2014-11-27

Allows you to execute commands on players as soon as possible!

  1. Spinalvine89
    CommandQueues is a simply plugin that allows you to create lists of commands or messages for players that will execute as soon as possible. Simple as that! If they are not online at the time, it will add the command or message to a queue and execute them when the player comes online.

    • /qc addp <name> <command> [arguments] - Creates commands that the player will run as soon as possible.
    • /qc addc <name> <command> [arguments] - Creates commands that the console will run as soon as possible.
    • /qc message <name> [message] - Creates a message that the player will get sent as soon as possible.
    • /qc clear <name> - Clears the file of all commands and messages.
    • queuecommands.addp - Allows you to use /qc addp
    • queuecommands.addc - Allows you to use /qc addc
    • queuecommands.clear - Allows you to use /qc clear
    • queuecommands.message - Allows you to use /qc message
    Open for suggestions and improvements! Let me know if you have any ideas.